Sophia Bush guest stars on This Is Us and fans are freaking out over the shocking twist

Sophia Bush guest start stint on This Is Us was short-lived.
The chemistry between Justin Hartley and Sophia Bush is off the charts. Pic credit: NBC

Sophia Bush guest-starred on the This Is Us midseason premiere, and fans are freaking out over a shocking twist involving her character.

She played Lizzie, a woman who had the perfect meet-cute moment with Kevin (Justin Hartley) that turned into a deep connection. Lizzie and Kevin instantly hit it off on their coffee date. Despite knowing she lived in Chicago and was only in Los Angeles for the day, Kevin pulled out all the stops for Lizzie.

Kevin decided to go big by making Lizzie’s dream of meeting John Legend come true. He organized a private concert at the Hollywood bowl for himself and Lizzie. It was straight out of a movie until Lizzie dropped a major truth bomb. She is married. The reason she spent the day with Kevin is that he is her celebrity hall pass.

It was a moment that has social media buzzing for many reasons. Fans were thrilled when it was announced the One Tree Hill alum was joining the NBC drama. However, viewers expected more of an arc than one episode.

Now fans feel cheated out of a great love story between Lizzie and Kevin, especially since the theme of Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) in the past was great love stories.

It appeared Kevin had finally found the one in Lizzie, and fans were here for the romance. Plus the chemistry between Justin and Sophia was off the charts.

Twitter is flooded with upset fans expressing their disbelief over the twist with her character. Users’ hearts are shattered that Lizzie is married. One even said the character “sucked,” as did Sophia only being in one episode.

Well, at least that is what show creator Dan Fogelman wants viewers to believe for now.

There is a possibility Lizzie will pop up again, but it is unlikely she is Kevin’s baby mama. Lizzie would have to dump her husband, meet up with Kevin, and get pregnant in less than a year. It is possible, however, it doesn’t really fit This is Us style.

Although fans are not happy with the Lizzie twist, they did acknowledge the nice shout out the show gave to Sophia’s time on Chicago P.D. She played Erin Lindsay on the NBC drama for four seasons.

Sophia Bush’s guest stint on This Is Us did not go the way fans had hoped. It did remind viewers of what an amazing actress and asset Sophia is to any show.

This is Us airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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