Who is Jennifer Smith on General Hospital?

Jennifer Smith on General Hospital.
Jennifer Smith returned to General Hospital. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital dropped a bombshell on viewers when a surprise guest showed up at Luke’s (Anthony Geary) memorial. 

The ABC soap paid tribute to one of the iconic cast members on the Haunted Star, with several important people in attendance. 

When the news about Luke’s death was revealed, GH viewers weren’t thrilled about it. They wondered why the writers discussed a character who left for good years ago and did not focus on Peter (Wes Ramsey), who appears to be the one character everyone would like to see meet his demise. 

Meanwhile, another curveball was thrown when Jennifer Smith (Holly Gagnier) showed up at the end of the memorial, showing her face to Laura (Genie Francis) and Spencer (Nicholas Chavez). 

Who is Jennifer Smith? 

Long-time General Hospital viewers may remember who Jennifer Smith is and what her connection to Luke and Port Charles means going forward. 

She debuted in 1980 and was head over heels in love with Luke Spencer. He wanted to be with her to gain control of Frank Smith’s assets, but when the two decided to get married, he fell overboard and was presumed dead. Luke made it to a dock where Laura was waiting, and the two ran away together. 

Jennifer popped up again in 1994, briefly, to fill in another storyline for Luke and Laura. She was then played by Roseanne Arnold, which was supposed to fit the comedian Jennifer had become in the decade since she had been seen. 

In 2002, Jennifer kidnapped Luke and Laura. Sally Struthers then played her. Jennifer wanted to marry Luke and insisted it happen. Thankfully, some of Luke’s friends could play off a wedding ceremony that wasn’t legal and help Luke and Laura get away safely. 

The last time Jennifer Smith was seen on General Hospital was in 2015. Holly Gagnier stepped into the role then, and she is back to play her now. She was last seen when she kidnapped Lucky and demanded Luke spend the night with her. 

What does Jennifer Smith want in Port Charles? 

Aside from attending Luke’s memorial, there’s speculation that Jennifer Smith has more business in Port Charles. 

Her father was mob boss Frank Smith, and with a threat issued against Sonny (Maurice Benard), it looks like she may be taking over the family business. Is she the threat that Brick (Stephen A. Smith) warned his boss about last week? 

Be sure to tune in daily to find out what Jennifer Smith wants and why she is back in Port Charles. 

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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