Who is Hattie Adams on Days of our Lives?

Days of our Lives Hattie is back in Salem.
John is not thrilled Hattie is living with him and Marlena. Pic credit: NBC

Hattie Adams (Deidre Hall) is out of prison and making waves in Salem on Days of our Lives.

The Marlena (Deidre Hall) look-a-like is making herself right at home living with Doc and John (Drake Hogestyn). She also secured a job working at the Brady Pub, thanks to her manipulating Roman (Josh Taylor).

Oh, and she encountered Stefano (Stephen Nichols), but a little finagling by Kate (Lauren Koslow), has Hattie believing he is Steve on a top-secret ISA mission.

Now that Hattie is back on the canvas more, it is time to do a little refresher on the woman who looks like Marlena but is truly nothing like the good doc.

The character was first introduced to viewers in 2000 and was initially played by Andrea Hall, who is the real-life twin sister of Diedre. When Andrea retired from acting, Diedre took over the role.

Hattie worked in a diner with Faye Walker (Valerie Wildman). In the beginning, she only slightly resembles Marlena. Roman was the first person to discover the uncanny resemblance between the waitress and the psychiatrist. When Hattie tried to kill herself, Roman saved her, but it only made her resentment toward Marlena grow.

Thanks to a little persuasion from Stefano, played then by the late Joseph Mascolo, Hattie agreed to undergo plastic surgery to look identical to Marlena. After getting her new face and returning to Salem, the former waitress was accused of being a serial killer in 2004.

It turned out, though, the real Marlena was killing Salem residents under the hypnosis of Andre DiMera. Later it was revealed Marlena was not killing people but rather drugging them to send them to the island of Melaswen.

Hattie was MIA for years, resurfacing in prison in 2016, where she saved Hope from getting beat up by other inmates. It was revealed she taken the fall for Andre, who had embezzled money. After Hattie helped Hope escape from prison, the cop agreed to find evidence to clear Hattie, and she did.

Following her stint in prison, Hattie started working with Anjelica Deveraux (Morgan Fairchild), who was holding Marlena captive in a mental institution. Hattie took over Marlena’s life and helped Angelica switch Adrienne Kiriakis, for Bonnie Lockhart.

In 2018, John and Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) used Hattie to impersonate Marlena, while they waited for the good doc to come out of her coma. Hattie ended up blackmailing John into marrying her. The guilt eventually got the best of Hattie, and she later agreed to divorce John before going back to prison.

After the time jump, Hattie was in prison with Eve (Kassie DePaiva). On Christmas Eve, both ladies got the present of being released from jail. Now it is time to see what Hattie has in store for the good people of Salem.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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