What happened to Adrienne on Days of our Lives? How did she die?

Days of our Lives Adrienne how did she die?
There is a new twist involving Adrienne’s death. Pic credit: NBC

Days of our lives finally revealed the secret Victor (John Aniston) and Xander (Paul Telfer) were hiding.

Unfortunately for Ciara (Victoria Konefal), it was not the truth bomb she hoped it would be to save her boyfriend Ben (Robert Scott Wilson). His last appeal was denied, and now Ben is facing the death penalty for killing his sister, Jordan (Chrishell Stause). Ciara was convinced Victor had Xander do it to get Ben out of Ciara’s life.

Victor and Xander did send an innocent man to prison, but it was Will (Chandler Massey), not Ben. The two men revealed they did not kill Adrienne (Judi Evans) or Jordan. Although Victor finally spills the beans to Ciara, viewers were not privy to who killed Adrienne.

Ciara is shaken-up upon learning the truth of Adrienne’s death. She tears up as she lets Victor know she isn’t sure she can keep their secret.

The new twist has fans asking, how did Adrienne die? If Will did not kill her, then what happened to Adrienne on Days?

Since Xander and Victor sent Will to prison, it means they are proacting someone they love dearly. The way the two men freaked out when Ciara was initially going to tell Maggie that they were hiding something, she is the top contender for the person who killed Adrienne.

Perhaps Maggie had a relapse and was drunk behind the wheel, striking Adrienne in her car. Would Victor go to such lengths to protect anyone else?

Now that is assuming Adrienne was killed in a car accident. The NBC soap opera has alluded to that being how she died. However, the new twist could mean a car crash was not the reason Adrienne lost her life.

There is also the possibility that Adriene is not dead. In the preview video, an Adrienne look-a-like shows up to visit Will in prison. Yes, the woman could be Bonnie Lockhart (Judi Evans), or it could be Adrienne. Maybe she didn’t die at all. Maybe it is all part of a grand scheme orchestrated by Victor and Xander.

Fans want answers regarding how Adrienne died. Maggie is the likely suspect, but the apparent person is not always the culprit, especially since the daytime drama did the time-jump.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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