TR Coates on Days of our Lives: Who is he and who is playing him?

Who is TR Coates on Days of our Lives?
TR is the newest villain on Days of our Lives. Pic credit: NBC

TR Coates on Days of our Lives has just debuted, but the character already has fans buzzing. There is a lot of interest in the new character, with Days fans wanting to know who he is and who is playing him.

The new face in Salem made quite the first impression thanks to his interaction with Johnny (Carson Boatman). TR was promised the possession movie, and he isn’t going to let Johnny out of their deal.

Little does TR know, Johnny isn’t himself. The devil has taken over Johnny, which means TR just might have met his match.

There’s so much more to TR than his business dealings. Let’s take a look at what we know about the character and who is playing him.

Who is TR Coates on Days of our Lives?

Days of our Lives spoilers reveal that Paulina’s (Jackée Harry) abusive ex comes to Salem. As viewers know, TR, then known as Ray, was mean and controlling, making Paulina fear for her life daily.

TR’s behavior was the reason Paulina had her sister Tamara (Marilyn McCoo) raise Lani (Sal Stowers). Paulina has a tough exterior, but she’s terrified of TR deep down.

The Days preview video showed Paulina freaking out when she spots TR in Salem. TR has no idea Lani is his daughter, but the secret is bound to come out soon. Once TR discovers the truth, there’s no way he will leave town.

Will TR prove to be as dangerous as Paulina remembers, or is he a changed man? Based on what Days of our Lives fans have seen so far, all signs point to him being just as evil as Paulina said.

One thing is for sure. TR’s presence in Salem will blow up Lani and Paulina’s lives.

Who is playing TR Coates on Days?

William Christian is playing TR Coates on Days. The talented actor is no stranger to the daytime genre.

All My Children fans will remember William as police chief Derek Frye. William originated the role of Derek in 1990 and played the character until 2005.

Along with his years in the soap opera world, William has also made a name for himself in primetime. The actor has appeared on several hit shows including, How to Get Away with Murder, Prison Break, Law & Order, and Good Girls, just to name a few.

TR Coates on Days of our Lives is the newest villain on the show, and he is not going anywhere. Fans of the hit daytime drama can expect him to bring a whole lot of trouble to Salem.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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1 year ago

I knew I recognized him I watched all my children from the begining. I probably couldn’t place him because he was playing a bad guy