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Days of our Lives spoilers: Gwen knocks Abigail out, Xander gets a clue, and Lani’s bio dad shows up in Salem

Days of our Lives spoilers reveal Paulina' ex is back in town.
Paulina comes face to face with the evil man from her past on Days. Pic credit: NBC

Days of our Lives spoilers reveal that life in Salem gets intense with secrets imploding and the past coming back to haunt a few people.

The hit NBC soap opera has released a preview video featuring several jaw-dropping moments. Two storylines take shocking twists, as one family has a not-so-pleasant reunion and sisters are pitted against each other.

Gwen takes action and Chad confronts Xander

Days of our Lives spoilers reveal Abigail (Marci Miller) faces grave danger after she won’t let go of her Sarah (Linsey Godfrey) mask theory. The promo video gives Days fans more insight into exactly what happens to Abigail.

Never one to back down, Abigail follows “Sarah” only to tackle her and discover the woman behind the mask is really Ava (Tamara Braun). The footage shows a stunned Ava getting ready to face off with Abigail.

Then, Gwen (Emily O’Brien) comes to save the day. Gwen knocks her sister over the head before looking in horror at Ava.

Abigail did reveal her Sarah mask theory to Chad (Billy Flynn) before going off on her own. Chad shares his wife’s theory with Xander (Paul Telfer), wanting to know who has a motive to pose as Sarah.

One person immediately comes to mind to Xander — Gwen. Unfortunately for Abigail, Chad, and Xander, figuring out the Sarah mask mystery might be a little too late.

Lani meets her bio dad

The one thing Paulina (Jackée Harry) has feared since the day Lani (Sal Stowers) was born was that her abusive ex Ray would find out about their daughter. Paulina’s worst nightmare comes true when Ray, now known as TR Coates (William Christian), shows up in Salem.

Lani tells Abe (James Reynolds) that she has “zero interest” in meeting her abusive father in the video footage. Meanwhile, in Horton Town Square, Paulina is shaken to the core to see her ex in town, and Paulina screams for him to stay “the h**l” away” from her.

As Paulina and TR have a tense exchange, Lani arrives with the twins interrupting their conversation. While TR looks intrigued by Lani, Paulina is clearly freaking out over the encounter she never hoped would happen.

Will Lani learn TR is her biological father and Paulina’s abusive ex? Will Chad and Xander figure out Gwen has taken Abigail out of commission?

Those questions and more will be answered on upcoming episodes of the hit NBC daytime drama. Be sure to tune in daily so not a moment of excitement and drama is missed.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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    • Totally agree with everyone regarding ridiculous storylines. Enough of devil, mask and Kristen manipulations. I’ve watched this soap since high school (now 71) and am disappointed in it right now. Need new writing.

  1. I suffered years ago with the Marlena she devil and now again. The mask storyline is so utterly ridiculous. Get new writers! Your show is fading into oblivion.

  2. trying very hard to stay interested, but my dedication to this show is waning. Devil nonsense is way too long, the mask part well just ok, the worst scenario now coming up is Chloe’s parents, her mother looks like her grandmother, and her father being gay now I can see why. Abigail finally gets to act, can’t wait for Gwen and Ava to go to an Island.


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