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Who is leaving Days of our Lives in 2022?

Days of our Lives cast changes 2022.
Big cast changes are coming to Days as 2022 kicks off. Pic credit: NBC

It’s not unusual for Days of our Lives to have high-profile cast members exit the hit show simultaneously. In the fall of 2020, several famous faces said goodbye to Salem.

Now, as 2022 kicks off, Days faces another loss of fan-favorite actors/actresses and characters. Let’s look at who is leaving Days and if they are gone for good or temporarily.

Melissa Reeves (Jennifer Horton) & Matthew Ashford (Jack Deveraux)

The long-time super couple of Jack and Jennifer are riding off into the sunset once again. They are leaving Salem for Boston to run a small newspaper and embark on a new chapter in their lives.

It’s no secret Melissa only agreed to reprise the role of Jennifer for the holiday season. The actress has opted not to commute from her home in Nashville to the NBC studios amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Instead of sending Jennifer off on her own, the daytime drama chose to have Jack leave with his wife. Since Jack and Jennifer are such a popular couple, fans should expect to see them back on screen at some point.

Mathew resides in LA, so all bets are on Jack popping into Salem from time to time to check on his daughters Gwen (Emily O’Brien) and Abigail (Marci Miller).

Alison Sweeney (Sami Brady) & Bryan Dattilo (Lucas Horton)

Lucas finally got what he wanted, Sami. The blonde beauty professed her love for Lucas on New Year’s Eve. Sami asked Lucas to leave Salem with her to have a fresh start, and Lucas happily obliged, and they are officially off-screen.

As fans know, Alison is not on contract with the hit NBC show. The actress recently admitted to People magazine she loves being able to play Sami for brief stints. However, she is one busy lady acting in and producing Hallmark movies, so she isn’t up for a full-time return to the soap opera.

It’s pretty much guaranteed Sami and Lucas will return to Salem this year. After all, Lucas framed EJ (Dan Feuerriegel) for Sami’s kidnapping, and the truth about that has to come out soon.

Jay Kenneth Johnson (Philip Kiriakis)

Oh, what a mess Philip has made of his life. Now that Kate (Lauren Koslow) and Victor (John Aniston) know Philip didn’t die but instead framed Brady (Eric Martsolf) for his murder, they are determined to get their son help.

The dire situation means Philip will be in hiding for a while to get the treatment he needs. Like Kristen (Stacy Haiduk), Philip probably won’t stay gone for good.

Brady and Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) have yet to discover what Philip did, so that truth bomb will need to be dropped. Yes, there is still plenty of story left to tell regarding Philip’s deception, making it a given Jay and Philip will be back in Salem this year.

Greg Vaughan (Eric Brady)

Eric returned as a priest to help banish the devil from Marlena (Deidre Hall). It was the second time Greg reprised the role since exiting Days in 2020. The actor has made no secret of hoping to come and go from the show if the storyline makes sense.

This time around, Eric left almost as quickly as he returned to town. After a quick meeting with his ex-wife Nicole (Arianne Zucker), Eric was back on a plane to Africa.

It’s all but certain Eric will soon find himself in Salem again thinks to the devil taking over Johnny (Carson Boatman). The possession story is far from over, and Eric’s priest services will be needed to save his nephew from evil.

There you have it, Days of our Lives fans. Sami, Lucas, Eric, Philip, Jack, and Jennifer are all leaving the show for the time being.

What do you think of these cast changes?

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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  1. I am tired of this devil crap and removing popular actors and their stories. I have watched this soap from the beginning, think I just might quit watching it on a regular basis.

  2. Haven’t watched for almost a year. I turn it back on a few days to learn of favs leaving and the stupid devil story again. Im NOT watching again!!!! So sad. I was a fan since the beginning. Not now.

  3. I think Big Mama (Marla Gibbs) should get off her “holier than thou” horse and confess to Loni that it was she and Tammy who forced Paulina to lie to her all those years. Loni should take her judgmental, unforgiving self and thank Paulina from protecting her from her abusive “real father”… who we have yet to meet (hint-hint).
    I think Gwen should be given a chance with Xander. With Sarah having been kept a prisoner on some secret island, it could be possible that she met “someone” in the meantime and fell in love and/or married them… sending a heart-broken Xander back into Gwen’s arms.
    I don’t mind the devil thing so much except that it is very childishly represented… Real evil is a lot more hidden and seductive… sometimes even from the person whom it is controlling. Maybe Johnny could be made to believe he has a multiple personality disorder, a good place for the devil to hide ! Just saying… it could be handled less childishly and more menacingly…

  4. Need to get rid of the evil possession …very childish and so fake… can’t you come up with a better soap storyline of this soap should be canceled… most of the storylines are so fake and do not make since

  5. Not watching any more because of the use of the devil. We have had enough!!!!I have watched every day for years. The story has gotten poorly written

    • Melissa Reeves has ruined things for Matthew Ashford. Jennifer does not deserve happy ending with Jack.. I hated Jennifer since Daniel. They should push her off the elevator shaft or bring her hypocrite boyfriend Frankie Brady send both off screen. Ken Corday is asshole playing favoritism on racist prune face Melissa Reeves. Jack has family on the show. Jennifer/Melissa Reeves can stay gone. Bring another actress play Jennifer with more class.

  6. I am sick and tired of the devil possessing Marlena and now Johnny! It’s not believable and it’s annoying to watch. A new writer needs to come on board. It used to be someone was always being kidnapped and a murder took place. I have enjoyed this show. However, I am not going to watch it as long as the devil is involved.

  7. It’s too bad that the writers didn’t take the opportunity to drop the unpopular devil development when the Marlena storyline was solved; instead they’ve continued this unpopular theme with Johnny. Didn’t they sense, or downright know it’s turning people away? It’s really an annoying and not very clever theme, and I hope it’s over soon as I enjoy “Days” and don’t want to give up on it.

  8. I stopped watching during the holidays because satanic possession was repulsive. DOL has not had original story lines in years, just bringing out the old ones and dragging them on forever. Kidnappings, cheating couples, break ups, boring, predictable, insufferable. When they showed Johnny with yellow eyes I turned it off and won’t be back.

  9. Things are different when all leaving the show. Please get rid of the devil crap. For those actors who died especially Joe Mascolo (Stephano) I missed the most. RIP to all!

  10. Really? Still? This devil storyline is so dumb! There is nothing better that the writers have? Let’s regurgitate that dumb, nonsense story! C’mon people wake up ! So till then, I will be watching Y&R ! And maybe never come back to DOOL, because I’m sure the devil will come back because the writers have a mental block,

  11. Have been a viewer since the beginning. I didn’t like the devil storyline before and certainly didn;t want it back again. And now Johnny? Get rid of it quick and for good!!

    • I’m glad everyone feels the same that I do about the stupid devil storyline, again. Didn’t like it the first time either and now they are dragging it out again. I tried to find where to put in a complaint, but can’t find anywhere, and I’m sure the people at DOOL don’t read these forums.

  12. Our say doesn’t seem to fizz on the Days writers in the least. Days was so much better when Alice & Tom were on. The storyline had so much more depth. These writer’s are pathetic.

  13. I have watched Days from the beginning but I’ve had it. The devil story was bad enough the first time with Marlena, then Marlena the second time, and now Johnny!!!!! That’s it , I have had it. Let us know when you find some new writers who are more creative and can find something fun and interesting to write about.

  14. stop the devil stuff. Stupid! Also, stop trying to be so “woke” and making statements about gender wokeness. Stop the lesbian story. It seems like the showing is drifting too far into all things immoral/evil. Not necessary for a good soap!

  15. Devil story stupid. Probably will quit watching. Couldnt wait for marlena devil to go and now this stupid stuff. Hated his character anyway

  16. Kristian Dimera needs to be caught and destroyed. Enough of her getting away with everything.
    Allow the other romances to happen and be happy together. Days is becoming an evil disaster
    Soap. There isn’t any happy events that stay happy.

  17. I like Jennifer bring her bac don’t like the devil lines though been watching days since the first show with my grandmother I’m 64 years old now will never stop watching it

  18. Glad to see that many other erstwhile fans agree that the devil possession storyline is ridiculous and tiresome. The only reason to keep watching is some fine acting….chiefly Eileen Davidson.

  19. Its no wonder Days isn’t winning Daytime Emmy awards. These new story lines are totally ridiculous! This devil story was unbelievable the first time around, and now we are on to the third possession. ENOUGH!!!

    I have watched this show since it began and am slowly thinking of calling it a day. I used to look forward to this show coming on – now – not so much.

    Stop getting rid of the old timers who made this show what is was. The new generation with girls kissing girls, guys kissing guys, how many kidnappings of the same person can we take.

    Writers – its time you woke up and make this show what it used to be.!

  20. The devil story line is ending soon from what I’ve heard and read. The Days of our lives podcast clears some things up if you listen

  21. First of all i’m sorry so many are so woke that they are not mentioning the gay, binary, and whatever males and females wish to call themselves these days. I personally dont care what you want to do inyour bedrooms, but do not want to watch it on tv. It is not the norm no matter what you want to shove down out throats. “He made them male and female”. You can yell to the roof, but body parts are a real tell. Anyway, so much for that. I’ve watched from the beginning and am sick of your storyline of devils and deviants. Keep it up and none of us will be watching. The only reason you still have viewers is loyalty which is sorely being tried.

    • Bravo and well said. A lot of us feel this way and people are so scared of political correctness police and cancel culture that no one is speaking the truth.

  22. Right there with everyone else, I am so sick of the devil story line AGAIN! This time around it is annoying beyond words. If the writers can’t write better stories the hire new writers or cancel the program. I will not watch DOOL until the devil leaves Salem for good.😠🤬👹

  23. Now the devil is in Ally. Good grief enough of this stupid storyline. I’m exhausted with the gay guys and girls and bisexuals, the kissing and all the bedroom romances. It’s disgusting..Bringing back all the dead and the stupid mask the Kristen wears. Get some new writers that can produce a story that interest the majority and not the woke left idiots.!! I’m done watching!!


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