The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers: Quinn begs for Paris’ silence

Rena Sofer on The Bold and the Beautiful.
Quinn begs for Paris’ silence on The Bold and the Beautiful. Pic credit: CBS

The Bold and the Beautiful will focus on Paris (Diamond White) knowing the truth about the Quarter affair. 

Unknowingly, she overheard the conversation between Quinn (Rena Sofer) and Shauna (Denise Richards). Now, she is stuck with this wealth of information and has to decide whether telling her sister is the right move or not. 

As news spreads that Paris is in the know, everyone begins to panic. Things are finally back on track for the couples, and this secret could wreck everything in an instant. 

Quinn begs on her knees 

In The Bold and the Beautiful preview video, Quinn is shown begging someone not to tell while on her knees. Presumably, Paris is who she is bargaining with. 

Shauna told her best friend that the Forrester employee knows the truth, and now, it is damage control time. Paris wanted to run straight to Zoe (Kiara Barnes) and tell her everything. 

The recent time spent with Eric (John McCook) has Quinn thinking about their future. Things appear to be on track, but with the secret hanging over her head, any wrong step could lead to everyone at Forrester learning the truth. 

Each time Paris sees Zoe, her guilt grows. As her sister tells her they want to get married fast, she is second-guessing keeping her silence. Happiness for Zoe is her priority, but the cost of being honest may be more than Paris is willing to spend. 

Eric walks in 

As Quinn and Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) share an embrace, Eric walks through the door. They look awkward and guilty as they pull away, which is where the video ends. 

This could play out several ways, but given that Kiara Barnes is leaving The Bold and the Beautiful this summer, the secret comes out at some point. There is no word whether the role will be recast or if they plan to simply write her off the show. 

Will Eric catch on to what is happening between his employee and wife? Carter and Quinn can’t seem to get away from their attraction, which will lead to some challenging encounters while at Forrester. 

It is quite a moral dilemma, and Paris is stuck deciding which way is the right choice for her sister and her heart where Quinn and Carter’s betrayal is concerned. 

To see whether Paris spills the beans or remains quiet about what happened between Carter and Quinn, be sure to tune in daily. 

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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