The Bold and the Beautiful reveals production work-around, Soap Twitter weighs in on blowup dolls

Katherine Kelly Lang as Brooke on The Bold and the Beautiful.
The Bold and the Beautiful is resuming production. Pic credit: CBS

The Bold and the Beautiful will officially begin production on June 18 and 19.

After several of the actors revealed they were returning to the set earlier this week, details about how things will work behind the scenes have been revealed.

Don Diamont, who plays Bill Spencer and Katherine Kelly Lang, who plays Brooke Forrester were excited to show fans they were back at the studio.

Nothing has begun to shoot yet, but in the coming days, the show will go on.

How will The Bold and the Beautiful work around the COVID-19 guidelines?

Last week, California released guidelines about production and gave the go-ahead to those who would conform. The Bold and the Beautiful will be the first soap to resume production after everything was shut down in mid-March.

Soap Twitter has been going nuts as it was revealed that blowup dolls and real-life partners of the actors would be used in sex scenes and other romantic moments.

The jokes have been going since the news was put out there.

Brad Bell talked to Forbes about the plans, saying, “We have some life-like blow up dolls that have been sitting around here for the past 15 years, that we’ve used for various other stories — (like) when people were presumed dead.”

“We’re dusting off the dolls and putting new wigs and make-up on them and they’ll be featured in love scenes.”

It appears that the scenes will be shot solo with the dolls, then edited to combine the actors so that the footage will appear that the couple was together in the moment.

When will The Bold and the Beautiful air new episodes?

At this point, everything is up in the air. Production will begin tomorrow, and if they run into any issues, things will halt once again.

If everything goes as planned, the expectation is that The Bold and the Beautiful will air new episodes in four to six weeks. It will largely depend on how post-production is working and how fast the new edits and scenes will take to get right.

A lot is riding on the show’s return, especially with The Bold and the Beautiful being the first one back in production.

For now, soap fans are having fun on Twitter poking fun at the blowup dolls that will now be regularly stationed on the sets of The Bold and the Beautiful.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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