Judi Evans will return to Days of our Lives: Is she back as Bonnie or Adrienne?

Judi Evans is set to return to Days of our Lives
Days of our Lives is bringing Judi Evans back to Salem. Pic credit: ©

Wally Kurth has confirmed Judi Evans will return to Days of our Lives. Less than a week after viewers learned how Adrienne (Judi Evans) was killed, the news is breaking that the talented actress will be back in Salem.

In response to a fan tweet mentioning how Judi is missed on the show, Wally, who plays Justin Kiriakis on the NBC show, assured fans Judi would return. It is music to fans’ ears. Viewers have been devastated since Adrienne died, especially after watching the heartbreaking scenes last week.

Will Judi Evans return to Days as Bonnie or Adrienne?

It is assumed that Judi will come back to the NBC soap opera as Bonnie Lockhart. Since Adrienne is dead, it makes sense Judi would return to the other role she is known for on the daytime drama.

There is another possibility that is gaining traction among fans. Perhaps Bonnie is the one who died that fateful night and not Adrienne. Remember, at one point, Adrienne’s car got a flat tire, and she had to change it. Some fans think a switcheroo could have been pulled, and Bonnie took Adrienne’s place in the car.

Yes, there are all sorts of medical reasons that make it unrealistic that Bonnie died instead of Adrienne. This is Days though, and crazy, unrealistic storylines happen all the time. For example, Marlena (Deidre Hall) being possessed, or half of Salem being murdered but then ending up alive on Melaswen Island.

Judi Evans was devastated about Days exit

Not long after Judi’s final episode aired last week, she shared her reaction to being written off Days of our Lives. Judi recalled hearing the rumor Adrienne was going to die while working on set one day. When she learned the news was true, Judi was devastated because she loves working on the NBC soap opera.

The actress has been a part of the daytime drama on and off for nearly 30 years. It is her second home. Judi loves the cast and crew. Despite being written off, Judi has never once said a negative thing about the show, or anyone involved with the daytime drama.

Judi has remained out of the spotlight since the sudden death of her son, Austin Michael Luciano in December. She has stayed off social media since thanking people for their support during her difficult time.

A tweet from Wally Kurth confirming his costar, Judi Evans will return to Days of our Lives has fans freaking out. The actress has not yet responded to the message.

There is no information on her return, but that has not stopped fans from wondering who Judi will play when she does show back up in Salem. Bonnie or Adrienne are both options, unless the show pulls a fast one, and casts the actress in a new role.

Stay tuned to find out more details on the exciting return of Judi Evans.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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