Jonathan Jackson is back at General Hospital, bringing Lucky Spencer home to Port Charles

Jonathan Jackson on the red carpet
Jonathan Jackson is returning to General Hospital. Pic credit: © West/ACE Pictures

A wrong is being righted in Port Charles.

General Hospital viewers have asked for the return of Lucky Spencer for well over a decade.

Lucky is the son of the 80s supercouple Luke and Laura Spencer. In 2011, Lucky went off to Ireland, while Jonathan Jackson left to star in the primetime hit Nashville.

Jonathan brought Lucky back in 2015 when Luke (Anthony Geary) left Port Charles for good. It was a nod to their work, and fans loved it.

He is returning to Port Charles, and it isn’t for a brief stint.

Here’s what we know about Jonathan Jackson’s return as Lucky Spencer.

Jonathan Jackson confirms his return to Port Charles

It has been nearly a decade since Lucky was on-screen, and General Hospital viewers have been waiting for his return.

While his airdate hasn’t been revealed, his return is slated for later this summer. If we had to guess, he will appear sometime in August or early September.

Jonathan Jackson took to Instagram to confirm his return and acknowledge that fans are part of the reason this opportunity has been made available.

Jonathan originated the role of Luke and Laura’s son in 1993. Jacob Young and Greg Vaughan have also played the character for brief stints, but Jonathan has always been the people’s Lucky.

Deadline broke the story and revealed he would be on for a “long run,” but details beyond that are sparse.

Where will Lucky be dropped in?

Interestingly, the General Hospital writers have chosen to drop Lucky back in Port Charles.

Laura (Genie Francis) is the mayor of Port Charles and deals with plenty, especially with her new interest in Heather’s (Alley Mills) case and possibly reopening.

Nikolas (Adam Huff) went off to prison, and she is raising Ace. Spencer (Nicholas Chavez) is dead. Laura has no one but Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) left. Adding Lucky into the mix will surely brighten her life, and it won’t hurt that Genie and Jonathan will reunite.

There will also be the Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) component to consider. They were a hot couple back in the day when the young adult scene was front and center on General Hospital. He is the father of Aiden (Tristan Riggs), Elizabeth’s youngest son, and once believed he was Jake’s (Hudson West) father. He helped her raise both boys, as Jason’s (Steve Burton) job kept him away from Jake.

This also raises the question of whether a reconciliation between the former supercouple is in the works. Elizabeth walked away from Finn (Michael Easton) because of his drinking. Lucky has always been the one for her. Though some people disagree and think Jason and Elizabeth are endgame.

Whatever happens, we are thrilled to have Jonathan Jackson back home as Lucky Spencer.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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23 days ago

Wonderful, his character should never have been off the screenn in the first place even if recasted. He was an iconic character. And so many events he should have been there for if only for those important moments. Glad he’s back, GH needs all the help they can get. Let’s hope these GH writers don’t mess his story up like they’ve done with so many other returns