General Hospital viewers react to Morgan’s return

Bryan Craig at the ABC upfronts
Bryan Craig is returning to General Hospital. Pic credit: ©

In a move everyone saw coming, General Hospital confirmed Bryan Craig’s return as Morgan Corinthos.

While it should have been exciting, especially for those disappointed when he left the ABC soap, it was a bit of a letdown.

Bryan is only back as Morgan for one episode. One.

The actor teased himself on the set of GH last week, and the timing lines up with his episode airing in August. We are inclined to believe it will be the very beginning of the month following July sweeps.

It’s been years since Morgan was on-screen. He was killed because of a car bomb that was meant for Sonny (Maurice Benard). With the state of Sonny’s mind now and the speculation Ava (Maura West) is on her way out the door, the timing of his return makes sense.

However, his time in Port Charles is limited.

General Hospital viewers sound off on Morgan’s return

When it was revealed that Bryan Craig would be reprising the role of Sonny and Carly’s (Laura Wright) son, viewers hoped there was a storyline arc in the works.

Unfortunately, that was not the case. Morgan will be in one episode, and while his capacity wasn’t mentioned, he is likely a ghost, as he was during his previous one-off return.

General Hospital viewers took to X to voice their concerns about the news.

One X user was hopeful that Jason being away would be tied to a very alive Morgan.

Someone else joked about Morgan in a penguin costume, and we think it’s a fabulous idea.

Another summed up what many are thinking.

Coming up on General Hospital

With Bryan Craig’s airdate at the beginning of August, some things will happen in the upcoming weeks to tie it all together.

Sonny’s spiral continues, and with the news that he is done with Ava, fireworks could happen at any moment. She knows his meds are off, but all bets are on her not saying a word and watching his self-sabotage.

We have to wonder if Morgan returns for someone’s death. It was teased that three actors were leaving in the coming months, and Gregory Harrison was one of them. If the rumors are true, there are still two more left.

Despite the length of Bryan’s return as Morgan, it will be interesting to see where he fits and exciting to see him back again.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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Scott Anderson
Scott Anderson
23 days ago

I think it sucks that they are bringing back Lucky and Morgan as a one episode ghost! Morgan permanently would have been a much better storyline and opened many other doors!