Is Finn leaving General Hospital?

Michael Easton as Finn on General Hospital
Is Finn done on General Hospital? Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital has viewers wondering whether Finn (Michael Easton) is leaving the show.

Rumors have circulated about three actors leaving, and with Gregory’s (Gregory Harrison) death taking care of one of those, it seems Finn may be one too.

The alcohol situation seemingly came out of nowhere after Finn focused on his sobriety for years. Violet (Jophielle Love) has been his priority, and with Hayden (Rebecca Budig) out of the picture, she is all he has.

Elizabeth’s (Rebecca Herbst) concern has also grown. She has watched her relationship crumble, and there is no going back.

As the writers continue the storyline, it becomes more apparent the end may result in Finn’s demise.

Here’s what we know about Finn leaving General Hospital.

Is Michael Easton leaving GH?

As of now, there has been no official statement from General Hospital or Michael Easton. The ABC soap doesn’t comment on casting news, and if Michael is done filming, he won’t announce until his final scenes air.

He has been with the soap since the cancellation of One Life to Live, where he played John McBain for years. Michael has been part of the ABC family for decades, but it wouldn’t be surprising if he were ready to take a break from soaps.

Earlier this year, Michael lost one of his best friends, Kamar de los Reyes. The two met while filming One Life to Live and had remained close in the years following the cancellation.

General Hospital has cast him in several roles since his debut in Port Charles. Finn is the latest, and the character may have run its course. His only connections are now with Violet and Chase (Josh Swickard). And with Chase recently marrying Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton), he isn’t needed onscreen anymore.

Finn’s General Hospital storyline

With an ending like Monday’s General Hospital, Finn’s exit seems inevitable.

The flashbacks to all of his moments with Elizabeth, as he continues to drink alone, signal something more.

Chase and Brook Lynn are set on keeping Violet safe, and when the confrontation between the brothers comes to fruition this week, we can’t see it going well.

While his exit may not be quick, it could happen during July sweeps. The writing appears to be on the wall for the character, and with nowhere to go and no relationship to save, exiting seems to be where it is headed.

What will happen to Finn? Sound off in the comments.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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Jo Ross
Jo Ross
10 days ago

I think they should turn Finn dark. We know Easton can play that role well, and Finn has been a pretty boring character. Give him something of substance… I know he and Liz were no great love, but maybe he sees her as his chance to have a family with Violet after his father’s death and he plots to make it happen. Or maybe he just has a total break because of losing Gregory and he becomes even more selfish and self-obsessed, leading him down any number of dark paths. Would be good material for Easton and definitely something more interesting to watch for the character.

9 days ago

Don’t want my favorite Finn to leave bring a new woman in ! He needs too stay on if Finn leaves we leave! U took Franco off that was bad enough! Rose

9 days ago

Match Finn and Alexis as a couple

3 days ago

GH writers should make an example of substance abuse by having Finn cause a firey crash with Drew that kills both of them and injures Violet who is rescued by Dr. Austin Gatlin-Holt who isn’t really dead. Roger Howarth’s exit was pitiful and uncalled for. Michael Easton and Cameron Matheson’s characters haven’t had relationships worth watching for a long time. They are both too wishy-washy (as is Carley). The writers should have kept Austin and eliminated Finn and/or Drew instead. Easton’s best romantic performances were on Port Charles with Kelly Monaco, but he hasn’t had the same chemistry with anyone he has been paired up with on GH.

2 days ago

Gh writers are a disgrace. They only make characters suffer like Sasha and now Finn. They destroyed a beautiful family of Gregory Finn Violet Chase for what? Can’t we tune in to see some good acting and joy. Really sadistic writing.