General Hospital spoilers: Maxie talks to Carly, Sonny and Nina have a moment, and more

Maxie and Carly on General Hospital.
Maxie heads to tell Carly the truth about General Hospital. Pic credit: ABC

This week, General Hospital spoilers are promising the reckoning viewers have been waiting for regarding the Sonny/Mike (Maurice Benard) storyline.

After nearly a year of being gone, Sonny is back in Port Charles. His return has turned several things upside down, including his loved ones.

The time has come for a cleanup, and this week on General Hospital, some of that begins.

Maxie shows up to talk to Carly

After a long conversation with Nina (Cynthia Watros) about what happened in Nixon Falls, Maxie (Kirsten Storms) sets out to do some damage control.

When she ends up at Sonny’s house to talk to Carly (Laura Wright), she has to decide how things will go down. Will she reveal Nina’s role in keeping Sonny away from Port Charles and his family, or will she tiptoe around the situation?

If there is one thing Maxie knows, it’s that anyone who messes with the Corinthos family is made to pay a hefty price. Trying to smooth things over for her sister-in-law may be her intention, but will it make things worse?

Sonny at the cemetery

Last week, General Hospital viewers watched as Sonny visited the cemetery where his headstone was placed. He also ran into Nina, and something about their conversation was different from the initial anger he displayed when talking to her in Nixon Falls.

There is speculation that some part of Mike still lives on in Sonny, and his feelings for Nina may still be there. Will the mob boss throw her a bone and help keep her from derailing altogether, or will she be made to pay?

Also, Jason (Steve Burton) happens to end up at the cemetery. While he is there, Sonny asks him to get rid of the headstone.

Jarly confusion

In the General Hospital preview video, Jason and Carly are seen talking. She asks him what they should tell Sonny, and he assures her they did nothing wrong.

The couple was stepping up to handle the business, but they developed feelings for each other in the process. They were ready to consummate their marriage just before Sonny walked in, and now, things are confusing.

It is a murking situation, and now, Jason and Carly must deal with what happens next. Will they be able to move on?

Be sure to tune in as all the drama unfolds.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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