Is Laura Wright leaving General Hospital?

Laura Wright as Carly on General Hospital.
Is Laura Wright leaving General Hospital and Carly behind? Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital viewers wonder if Laura Wright is leaving General Hospital after a significant cliffhanger on Friday’s show.

An explosion signals trouble, and it was clear that the limo was rigged with a car bomb. When Carly told the driver to go, that is when the explosion occurred.

Now, everyone is wondering what happened to Carly and if Laura Wright will be leaving General Hospital.

What exploded on General Hospital?

As Friday’s General Hospital closed out, a bomb exploded outside of the church where Carly and Jason (Steve Burton) got married. Two members of the five families were also in a limo, talking about their plans. The bride and groom were in another limo.

It appears that Jason may have gotten a heads up about what was happening and switched the cars. It is impossible to confirm that, but based on General Hospital spoilers for next week, there is no indication that Jason and Carly will be in trouble.

The logical thought is that two members of the five families were seriously injured in the explosion. When Carly asked Jason what Ms. Wu (Lydia Look) told him, he replied he expected it. She wasn’t likely in on the plan set into motion by Cyrus (Jeff Kober).

This attack on the Corinthos organization will not go without retaliation.

Is Laura Wright leaving General Hospital?

The chances of Laura Wright leaving General Hospital are slim to none. She is Carly Corinthos and has been in the role since 2005. That is 16 years, and if you ask most viewers, she is the only Carly many remember.

Laura’s chemistry with the other actors is incomparable. The casting director did a fantastic job with Joss (Eden McCoy) and Michael (Chad Duell). They work as a family unit and are even close off-screen as well.

Typically, soap contracts last three to four years or so. If Laura Wright were to leave General Hospital, she would have to break her contract or fulfill a few more years in the role. However, she appears to love her job, and some viewers couldn’t imagine the show without her.

As General Hospital viewers wait to see what happens next week, they should rest easy as it likely isn’t something that happened to Jason and Carly. The two five family heads, though, may not have the same luck.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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cristina mannino
cristina mannino
2 years ago

laura needs to be with sonny no questions asked. jason should be with britt..end of story

Diane M Davis
Diane M Davis
2 years ago

It would seem a little awkward for Sonny, Jason and Carly, Hope they don’t consamate there vows before Sonny finds them