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General Hospital spoilers: Jordan wants TJ back and Sonny breaks down

Maurice Benard as Sonny on General Hospital.
Sonny is dealing with a lot this week on General Hospital. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital is teasing that a lot will happen this week. The promo video reveals that more bad news plagues Port Charles.

The control Cyrus (Jeff Kober) has on the town is more than anyone thought. He still wants his freedom and until that happens, no one is safe.

Jordan has a plan

Last week on General Hospital, Jordan (Briana Nicole Henry) was planning to turn herself in to free Cyrus because he is holding TJ (Tajh Bellow) captive. Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Jason (Steve Burton) have figured out what is going on, giving her no other choice.

It looks like there is a new plan in place. Jordan goes to see Cyrus and tells him she wants her son. Since he is still behind bars, he is continuing to hold him until he is released. This causes a bit of strain.

There has been some talk about blaming the three dead DEA agents for planting evidence against Cyrus. That includes the newly-deceased Marcus Taggert (Real Andrews). Portia (Brook Kerr) is seen telling Trina (Sydney Mikalya) she has bad news. Is she going to disclose that her dad did something bad?

Sonny is broken by Mike’s condition

Mike (Max Gail) is currently at General Hospital. He took a fall at his facility and was being evaluated for an injury. While he is in the hospital this week, things aren’t going well.

His downward spiral has been coming for weeks. Stella (Vernee Watson) warned Sonny and Carly (Laura Wright) about what is happening with his Alzheimer’s. Now, he must face the reality of decisions that have been looming.

Broken down, Sonny reveals he doesn’t think he can handle the coming days. As tears fill his eyes, Carly shows she is there to support him. Mike wasn’t there when Sonny was growing up, but he still wants to be there for his dad.

Things haven’t been the same since the shootout in Brooklyn with Cyrus’ men. Sonny is going to continue to blame himself. In the coming days, decisions will need to be made as Mike’s condition continues to snowball downhill.

Right now, General Hospital is on hiatus. The show was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic but was supposed to resume filming in April. The new rules state that suspensions of this type will need to be in force until at least April 30, making May the likely point of return for the show.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.