General Hospital spoilers: Franco is now redeemed, but is he Drew?

Roger Howarth as Franco on General Hospital.
Franco’s life is hanging in the balance. Pic credit: ABC

Have General Hospital fans seen the last of Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth)? It would be a shame if the former degenerate wakes from his lab experiment as Drew because after what he went through, redemption is now his middle name.

We already have one Drew Cain (Billy Miller) for now, do we need another one? In case you missed one of the most shocking, tearful Friday cliffhangers in GH history, Franco sacrificed himself to save Cameron (William Lipton). Is Cam ever in the right place at the right time?

That evil, fiendish Dr. Arthur Cabot (Time Winters) was all set to transfer Drew’s memory into Cam, via some sort of knobby head device and a flash drive.

Of course, it was shifty Shiloh (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) who ordered up the experiment du jour. He has his reasons for wanting Drew’s latent memories to live. His first target was Jason (Steve Burton), but alas he was able to escape.

Not so lucky was Cam who was kidnapped. Just in time, Franco appeared and pleaded with the demented ones to fry his brain, not the teen’s. After much debate, yelling, and wailing, Dr. Cabot and Shiloh agreed.

Roger Howarth gave a powerful performance that convinced many fans the character can now be considered redeemed.


Franco’s sincerity in wanting to save innocent Cam was genuine as was his acknowledgment of what a bad guy he was in the past. There can be no doubt now that that vile character is gone and in its place, a hero has been born.

The only question is, what will Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) discover, if and when, her unconscious husband wakes up?

No one knows anything at this point, with the doctors unable to decipher exactly what took place at the grungy dungeon on Dewitt.

Franco has Drew and Curtis (Donnell Turner) to thank for getting there, just not in time as Dr. Cabot declared that Franco will wake up as the 2012 version of Drew!

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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