General Hospital spoilers for next week: Jason plays with Sam, Liesl is a wild card, Mike does something horribly wrong, how long will Oscar survive?

Max Gail as Mike on General Hospital
Mike is going downhill and Sonny is having a hard time accepting it. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital spoilers for next week’s episodes of ABC’s legendary sudser tease that there is lots of soapy melodrama about to go down, and we’re warning you, keep the tissues handy!

But before we get to the spoilers for next week, it’s fitting to remember a GH alum who passed away this week. Fans will remember actor Christopher Lawford from his 2003 stint in Port Charles as Senator Jordan. Lawford debuted as a daytime television actor on the now-defunct ABC soap, All My Children where the talented actor played Philip “Charlie” Brent Jr. from 1992-1995.

Last week, Sam (Kelly Monaco) caught Jason (Steve Burton) in an awkward moment with Kim (Tamara Braun). No, not like that! Both Jason and Drew (Billy Miller) tried to get through to the anguished mom about her dying son, Oscar (Garren Stitt).

They have the family’s best interests at heart and want her to tell the boy he’s not long for this world. I have a feeling that before this sad storyline is all over, fans will have been put through an emotional wringer.

Oscar is not your stereotypical soap teen, bad to the bone and full of adolescent anger. He’s proven himself to be a perfect friend to Joss (Eden McCoy), a thoughtful student to his picked-upon classmates, and the kind of son any parent would be happy to claim. Let’s hope that Faison (Anders Hove) or a secret Cassadine has a miracle brain tumor cure up their sleeve!

Anyway, Sam wants to know what’s going on. Will JaSam team up and try to make the situation as happy as can be for the beleaguered family?

Meanwhile, Mike (Max Gail) uber complicates Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) life yet again. Poor Mike understands that trying to help his young mobster son all those years ago has led to a desperate situation. You do not want to miss what he does to try and “better” the situation! Will his latest well-intentioned but fiasco-laden act force Sonny to place Mike in assisted living at last?

Raise your hand if you’re happy Liesl (Kathleen Gati) is back and as a bag lady no less. She suspects that her evil sister’s death as not as simple as a run of the mill heart attack, and spoilers reveal that she suspects Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) had a hand in the evil-doing.

Look for the incomparable actress to be back on the canvas in the coming days as the mysteries surrounding her sister’s death and Nina’s (Michelle Stafford) MIA child pick up steam.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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