General Hospital: Is Josslyn’s grief over Oscar becoming too much?

Is Josslyn Jacks grief on General Hospital gone too far?
Josslyn is struggling with Oscar’s death on General Hospital, is it too much? Pic Credit: ABC

The death of Oscar Nero on General Hospital is having lasting effects on several characters. Port Charles residents are still reeling from his demise last spring, and for some, their grief is all-consuming.

Oscar’s girlfriend Josslyn Jacks has been struggling to move on with her life since his tragic death. Their romance was the epitome of young, first love that feels like it will last a lifetime.

Josslyn believes they are soulmates. Nothing could break their love, even his terminal brain tumor diagnosis.

However, as time goes on, Joss appears to be slipping further into depression, as she walks through life without Oscar.

The young teen is focused on never forgetting her first love, even for a moment. She attempted a seance to speak to her love from beyond the grave, out of desperation for a connection to Oscar.

In recent weeks returning to school has been a challenge for Josslyn. She felt guilty when her late boyfriend wasn’t occupying her mind at all times. Joss even talked to Cam regarding if she played volleyball, it would divert her attention from remembering Oscar.

The young teen is consumed with grief, which is clouding her judgment. She actually believed her mom and Sonny were sending her to boarding school. There is no question, Josslyn is not in her right mind now.

Grief is a very personal thing, and there is no specific way a person should mourn a loved one. Also, a particular time frame of when the grief becomes less consuming doesn’t exist. People deal with pain in their own way, plain and simple.

However, is her grief becoming too much? Fans are starting to think so. Social media has become abuzz with viewers begging writers to end the pain of watching Josslyn cry over her dead boyfriend.

Yes, Oscar is her great love, but Joss also has her entire life ahead of her. The intent to keep thinking of her beloved boyfriend continuously seems a little overkill to some social media users.

It is not only consuming for Joss, but her friends Cam and Trina are dragged into her daily Oscar pity party. Every conversation Carly’s daughter has these days revolves around Oscar, and now, Dev at times thank goodness.

On the flipside, skipping school and running out of class all because of Oscar reminders could be pleas for help from Josslyn. Her grief is becoming too much, but it could also be that she needs professional help.

Those close to her might be missing the deep depression she is sinking into because they are placating her. Her family and friends are coddling Josslyn over her grief of Oscar. Perhaps Joss needs some tough love from Carly, Sonny, and Jax to move on with her life.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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