Daytime veteran Sean Kanan launches soap star studded new series Studio City

Sean Kanan has lunched a new series Studio City on Amazon Prime
Studio City is a love letter to Sean Kanan’s career in daytime soap operas. Pic credit: Amazon Prime

Daytime vet Sean Kanan has a new series, Studio City, and it features a slew of fan-favorite soap stars. The actor is proud of his latest work, which focuses on the behind the scenes drama of the popular soap opera, Hearts on Fire.

Sean is no stranger to the world of soap operas. Along with portraying A.J. Quartermaine on General Hospital, he also played Deacon Sharpe on The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful.

Sean told Soaps In Depth that he has been working on creating the show for nearly a decade.

“STUDIO CITY has actually been in the works for quite a while. More than 10 years ago I began writing a show about an aging soap star who has a great life but feels disillusioned and wants more,” he expressed to the magazine.

“Little did I know that years later, that would serve as the embryo for STUDIO CITY. I was very fortunate to encounter some very special people along the way who have made this into a reality,”

Timothy Woodward, Jr is Sean’s producing partner on the project. The talented star was also blessed to have his wife, Michele, onboard too. She not only produced the show with him, but Michele served as a writer and was in charge of casting for the series.

Daytime has been an integral part of Sean’s life, so Studio City is what he calls “a love letter to the soaps.” He wanted to give fans a true depiction of what it is like to be an actor on a soap opera. Sean’s character, Sam Stevens, is an actor who plays a doctor on the fictional drama Hearts on Fire.

The series about television daytime drama wouldn’t have the same impact if it did not feature a star-studded soap opera cast. Who better to portray actors working on a soap opera than those who have done it in real life? Sean is joined by several of his former costars from General Hospital and The Bold and the Beautiful.

Carolyn Hennesy (Diane, GH), Patrika Darbo (Shirley, B&B) Scott Turner Schofield (Nick, B&B), Tristan Rogers (Robert, GH) and Sarah Brown (ex-Claudia, G.H.) are part of a talented team of actors and actresses bringing Studio City to life. The series also stars Michael James Lazar, Philip Bruenn, Erin Michele Soto, Melissa Riso, and newcomer Juliet Vega.

Sean Kanan’s dream of creating a show set in the soap opera world has come true. The first season of Studio City is now streaming on Amazon Prime.

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