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Days of our Lives spoilers: Marlena’s family faces off with the devil for her soul

Days of our Lives spoilers tease the John fights the devil for his wife.
It’s time for the devil to say goodbye to Marlena and Salem. Pic credit; NBC

Days of our Lives spoilers tease the controversial storyline that many fans have disliked will end very soon.

Last fall, when Days revealed it was revisiting the story of Marlena’s (Deidre Hall) possession after 25 years, many viewers were turned off. The good news is the second time around, evil isn’t hanging out in Salem for too long.

As the holiday season winds down, a Christmas miracle is in store for the good people of Salem — especially Marlena’s loved ones. The devil has been wreaking havoc on them long enough.

John brings the family together to save Marlena

In the latest preview video for the hit NBC soap opera, John (Drake Hogestyn) rallies the troops to save Marlena’s soul from evil.

After his divorce from Nicole (Arianne Zucker), it appears Eric decided to return to the priesthood. John convinces Eric (Greg Vaughan) to return home to perform the exorcism.

Eric enlists the rest of the family to help him. Sami (Alison Sweeney), Belle (Martha Madison), Brady (Eric Martsolf), Allie (Lindsay Arnold), and Johnny (Carson Boatman) are summoned to John and Marlena’s home.

With the possessed Marlena tied up, courtesy of John, Eric informs the family they all need to band together to save her. It will take all their love together in one room to rid her of evil.

Lucas and Eric are tempted

The devil, of course, won’t go down without a fight. Days of our Lives spoilers reveal that the evil force has a trick up her sleeve involving Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) and Sami.

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Days promo video features MarDevil giving Lucas an ultimatum. Either Lucas unties her, or the devil will spill to Sami that Lucas is really her kidnapper, not EJ (Dan Feuerriegel).

Lucas isn’t the only one the devil is tempting either. Eric gets a shock when MarDevil morphs in Kristen (Eileen Davidson) to seduce him, giving up his quest.

Kristen implores him to just give in because no one will ever know. The next thing Eric knows, his mind is filled with images of him and Kristen getting pretty intimate.

The desperate trickery doesn’t work for MarDevil. Eric begins the exorcism with the group surrounding Marlena and wind gusts blowing like crazy in the bedroom.

Love wins out over evil in the end because Days of our Lives spoilers also spill that Marlena spends the New Year in the hospital recovering from the ordeal. However, getting her to that point is filled with exciting and entertaining moments Days viewers won’t want to miss.

Are you ready for Marlena’s possession story to be over, or do you want more of it?

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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  1. I for one stopped watching DOOL when they brought back the devil…. I will now start watchng it again.. I was really disappointed when the writers resurrected the devil story… Do they not have any better imaginations?

  2. I agree with JillyBean1952 this was a dumb idea and lacked imagination bringing back such an old and stupid story line. Please do not try anything like this again. It makes DOOL a laughing stock!

  3. About time-now I can start watching it again. What a stupid and mindless story line to revisit. The writers must be stumped for ideas so surely it is time to bring in new writers.
    PPS for SeasonedAngel, you obviously weren’t around the first time when Marlena went through this before otherwise you would not have ‘enjoyed every minute of it’. You would be just as bored as the rest of us.

    • Sorry, Kathy Du, you would be wrong. Been watching Days since 1st episode on November 8, 1965. Still have thoroughly enjoyed this 2nd time around.

    • Kathy Du, you would be incorrect. Have been watching Days since 1st episode debuted on November 8, 1965. Still thoroughly enjoyed Marlena’s possession, both times!

  4. They had this same story line about 20 years ago. Are they recycling storylines, or recycling writers? WOW! Just cannpt come up with anything new, even in “soapworld.”


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