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Days of our Lives spoilers: EJ’s trial explodes with lies, threats, and chaos galore

Days of our Lives spoilers tease EJ threatens Lucas at his trial.
EJ has an outburst in court that doesn’t do him any favors on Days of our Lives. Pic credit: NBC

Days of our Lives spoilers tease in true Salem fashion, a court battle turns into a three-ring circus.

The New Year isn’t looking so bright for EJ (Dan Feuerriegel). First, he gets arrested for kidnapping Sami (Alison Sweeney), something he actually didn’t do. Then, he heads to a trial where he does more harm than good.

Days of our Lives spoilers revealed that EJ asks Belle (Martha Madison) to defend him against the kidnapping charges. The latest preview video dropped by NBC shows Belle accepts the job and is ready to help EJ, even as he makes it extremely challenging.

EJ maintains his innocence

Thanks to Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) doctoring evidence and cutting a deal with Jason (Noel Gugliemi), the kidnapper, EJ is headed to trial. DA Trask (Tina Huang) needs a win, so Days fans should expect her to pull out all the stops to convict EJ.

Ahead of the trial, EJ declares to Belle that he’s been framed. EJ has been blabbing to anyone who will listen that Lucas orchestrated Sami’s kidnapping.

EJ takes the stand as Kate (Lauren Koslow) and Johnny (Carson Boatman) sit in the courtroom. The DiMera heir continues to maintain his innocence even under oath.

Abigail (Marci Miller) takes a break from searching for Sarah (Linsey Godfrey) to support Chad (Billy Flynn), who is also called to testify at EJ’s trial. Chad knows Lucas is setting up EJ.

The question is – will Chad come clean or help send his brother to jail?

EJ threatens Lucas in court

When Lucas returns to Salem to testify against EJ, things go off the rails. Yes, Lucas just left Salem with Sami, but he needs to come back to put the finishing touches on his master plan.

Upon learning that Lucas is back and in court, EJ loses it on his nemesis. While Lucas is on the stand, EJ stands up and screams, “You kidnapped Samantha. I’ll kill you!”

Oh yes, the move is pretty much a nail in EJ’s coffin. However, EJ is a DiMera, and Days of our Lives fans should never count him out.

The devil has plans for EJ too. Days spoilers also spill that JonDevil works to strike a deal that will help EJ. Little does EJ know he’s dealing with the devil, not his son.

It’s going to be another crazy week in Salem, especially as EJ’s trial explodes in threats and craziness.

Lucas is one of many cast members exiting and possibly returning to the hit NBC show in 2022. Check out the rest of them here.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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  1. The writers are just regurgitating old ideas that were not popular the first time. And all this nonsense about Ciara and Ben’s baby is just pushing liberal agenda. Watched from the very beginning but done til this nonsense is over.

  2. I cannot believe the story line with the non gender baby. If the baby has no gender then why does Ben and Ciara care what the results are. So stupid! I am also tired of the devil story line. I’m taking a break from all of this nonsense. Maybe it’s time for new writers.

    • “Non-gender” baby is nothing short of ididic nonsense and liberal hogwash!!! Utterly and completely shameful!!! GET RID OF THIS LIBERAL HEAD WRITER!!!


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