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Ryan Serhant’s baby name revealed: Here’s what the MDLNY star named his daughter

Ryan Serhant and Emilia Bechrakis
Ryan Serhant and Emilia Bechrakis have revealed their baby’s name. Pic credit: @ryanserhant/Instagram

Ryan Serhant shared the news over the weekend that his wife, Emilia Bechrakis, had given birth to their baby girl.

At the time Serhant didn’t share the name they had chosen for their baby girl, but now the couple have.

On Instagram, Ryan revealed in a post celebrating her one-week birthday that they had called their daughter Zena.

As we previously predicted, the name is a Greek name, most likely to honor her mother’s heritage as Emilia is Greek.

On Million Dollar Listing New York, fans have come to learn how much her Greek heritage and family history means for her, so it only makes sense that their daughter’s name has some connection to Greece.

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Happy 1 week Zena ☺️

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The name Zena is a Greek baby name, and the name has an important meaning in Greek mythology. Zena is born of Zeus, and the name has several meanings. The name signifies being hospitable and friendly.

In numerology, the name means leader rather than a follower. The name also fits people with strong personalities, new creative ideas and determination, and someone who is courageous but at the same time aggressive. The name seems to fit with the Serhant image that Ryan has built in real estate and on Million Dollar Listing New York.

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This photo kills me. I’m so obsessed with her 😭

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The pregnancy was kept a secret for months. In fact, the two never confirmed that Emilia was pregnant, but only shared the news after the baby was born.

It’s possible that this was because of their struggles with getting pregnant. At the end of the previous season, the two talked about having IVF so they could finally start their family together.

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To my daughter, Your momma and I have waited almost 3 years to meet you. We had no idea how difficult getting pregnant with you was going to be. We tried everything. We were so nervous you might never come. When we finally decided to try IVF, we were so scared it wouldn’t work. And then you stuck. And then we heard your little heartbeat for the first time. Your mom and I were so excited every time we would go to the hospital to see you, but even more terrified we would lose you. Because the fact that we were pregnant – as beautiful as it was – was almost too good to be true. And because of that fear, we loved you as hard as we could from the moment we knew you existed. We thought if we put that love for you out there, you would hear it, and you would make it. I watched you grow slowly with your momma every day, waiting for the moment I would finally meet you. I feel like I’ve spent my whole life working towards this moment, when everything would make sense. One day when you read this, I hope you can look back and be proud. And please go and give your Mom a BIG kiss because she’s a true warrior, a fighter with the biggest heart, and the Queen of my world. Seriously – one day we will tell you about all the shots, the pain, the sickness, and what birth was like for your Mom on Tuesday the 26th – it was insane! We love you now and forever, our new, beautiful, little puff. Love, Dad

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Emilia recently opened up about feeling the baby blues after her daughter was born. While she loved having her baby girl, she admitted that she does miss her baby bump.

Million Dollar Listing New York is expected to return later this spring on Bravo.

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