Rust Valley Restorers location: Where is Rust Bros. garage in Canada?

Mike Hall and his crew from Rust Valley Restorers
Where is the Rust Valley Restorers filming location? Pic credit: History Channel Canada

It’s been a big week for car enthusiasts on Netflix. Between the reality competition series Hyperdrive and Rust Valley Restorers, the streaming service has made a magnificent effort targeting viewers who love racing and car restorations.

Rust Valley Restorers–which first premiered on History Channel Canada– offers a familiar brand of television that was once offered by MTV’s Pimp My Ride.

Customers bring their old beat-up cars to Mike Hall’s junkyard in hopes that he can have his team restore the vehicle to its original glory. And at the end of each episode, after working within a budget, Mike reveals his hard work to the consumer.

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The location of Mike’s garage helps preserve all of the rusty cars, helping them to not deteriorate any further and as Mike says in the show, this has resulted in the area becoming a focal point for rebuilding classic vehicles.

Many Netflix viewers might be wondering where Mike’s garage is located? Here is where you can find Rust Brothers Restorations.

RUST VALLEY RESTORERS | Hanging the Rust Bros Sign

Where is the Rust Valley Restorers filming location?

Those who watch the show remember Mike speaks about the filming location, saying that the setting’s dry air helps preserve the classic cars, thus building a world around the area for rebuilding them.

The filming location where viewers can find Mike’s business known as Rust Brothers Restorations is located in Tappen B.C., Canada. Tappen is also located about an hour East of Kamloops–where Mike’s son Connor grew up.

This settlement in British Columbia has tons of rocky mountains and is nestled on Tappen Bay. If viewers Google pictures of Tappen, the images feel like a Bob Ross painting that has come to life.

RUST VALLEY RESTORERS | Avery Slices a Studebaker

British Columbia’s website also acknowledges the enthusiasm for classic cars in Tappen, discussing a museum for “vintage car fanatics” known as White Post Auto Museum which “displays restored vintage vehicles and special interest vehicles, and also offers for sale vintage vehicles in need of restoration.”

So, needless to say, the car culture is alive and well outside of the Rust Brothers garage.

Between Mike’s zany energetic charm and the rocky mountain setting of Tappen, the show has personality in spades. And now that the show has hit Netflix in the U.S. one can imagine that many vintage car enthusiasts will make their way to Tappen in the future.

Rust Valley Restorers is streaming on Netflix now.

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Becky Hall
Becky Hall
3 years ago

Hello my name is Becky Hall and I would like to ask Mike Hall if there is any way he could find a rear bumper for my 1988 Cadillac deville I’ve tried everything to find one with no luck how much it would cost I live in Indianapolis, indiana thank you

Becky Hall
Becky Hall
3 years ago

Also please let him know that I have watched all of the episodes on nexflix