Robin Roberts temporarily replaced at GMA desk as she embarks on exciting ‘adventure’

robin roberts up close
Robin Roberts was away from GMA’s studio for another adventure. Pic credit: @robinrobertsgma/Instagram

Good Morning America viewers likely noticed Robin Roberts missing from the show recently.

Her absence arrived following her colleague Michael Strahan admitting he was “jealous” of Robin amid her absence from the show.

Meanwhile, Strahan had two replacement co-anchors alongside him during recent episodes.

For some episodes, viewers saw Rebecca Jarvis filling in for Robin while she was missing from the show.

Whit Johnson filled in for George Stephanopoulos during several of his recent absences.

GMA revealed Robin’s whereabouts this week as she wowed her co-stars.

Robin gets replaced at the GMA desk amid her exciting adventure

Robin has missed multiple GMA episodes since last week, with Rebecca Jarvis in her spot.

Jarvis filled in before, so she’s familiar to many of ABC’s GMA viewers.

Meanwhile, some of Robin’s co-stars revealed last week that she would be on assignment and away from the GMA studio in New York City.

With that, she departed for beautiful Portgual, where she has presented several segments since Tuesday, June 18.

Yesterday, she uploaded a video on her official Instagram featuring her spouse, Amber Laign, and the “Glam Fam,” her group of stylists who travel with her from GMA. They stood together on a beautiful beach with waves crashing behind them.

Robin wore stylish vacation clothing, including dark shades and a tan hat, to keep the sun away from her eyes and face.

“We have been all over the world with our morning message and prayer,” Robin said, adding, “And now we’re on the beaches of Portugal!”

Robin visited beautiful Benagil Cave and met new friends

Robin had a segment during GMA in which she presented a look at the gorgeous Benagil Cave, which people could only go inside by small boat or kayak.

Robin said it was “as advertised” and “so beautiful” as she showed a hole looking up to the blue sky at the top of the cave.

She explained it was called “The Cathedral” due to its dome-like ceiling.

“Everything here is so clean. People are absolutely respectful,” Robin said, referring to how the inner cave and its small beach look spectacular and free of graffiti or trash.

Robin shared an additional video in which she and Amber met various people who also traveled to visit Portugal from the United States. Some were there for the first time, while others had been before and returned.

People shared they were from Texas, West Virginia, North Carolina, New York, and Arizona. Robin spent some time chatting with many of them about their visits and posed for photos with those who asked.

“We are meeting so many Americans all across Portugal…and we can’t wait to introduce you to some of them who now call this beautiful country home. Much more coming up on @goodmorningamerica!” Robin captioned her IG video.

Robin shared additional behind-the-scenes footage from her journey

On Wednesday, Robin shared another Instagram video featuring incredible behind-the-scenes footage with various camera operators filming the Portugal adventure.

Much of the footage featured Robin and others on boats moving along the water. A gorgeous shot showed Robin as she admired the impressive Benagil Cave and the large hole at its top, looking up to the sky.

“Takes a village to pull off these GMA Adventures and I’m incredibly grateful for this one! We had so much fun taking you inside the stunning Benagil Cave here in the Algarve region of Portugal. We’re LIVE again tomorrow from this picturesque country on @goodmorningamerica!” Robin wrote in her caption.

Before this adventure, Robin traveled to other locations for GMA this year, but mainly within the United States. That included a trip to Iowa to interview basketball star Caitlin Clark and a visit to Nashville, Tennessee, to talk to musician Garth Brooks.

She’s previously admitted her love of traveling and often travels with her spouse, Amber, to visit Key West, Florida, and other beautiful locations.

As of this writing, it’s unclear when Robin will return to New York City and her spot at the GMA desk.

Based on Robin’s IG caption above, she’ll be away from GMA’s studio visiting Portugal for a bit longer and doesn’t mind it one bit!

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