Robin Roberts reveals she’s leaving GMA temporarily for ‘work assignment’

robin roberts face shot from july 2024 good morning america
GMA’s Robin Roberts said she’s headed out of the country again. Pic credit: ABC

Soon after returning from her vacation, Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts is taking off on another trip.

The GMA star recently visited Portugal, where she was away from New York City for several weeks.

Part of her trip included providing segments about the country’s sights, food, and culture for GMA.

Since she was on a work assignment, she had her Glam Fam stylists with her.

In addition, Robin’s spouse, Amber Laign, went with her, and they vacationed in the area during the extended trip.

She recently revealed she’s heading for another location outside the United States, and the Glam Fam will be with her for the latest “work assignment.”

Robin reveals she’s leaving NYC again

On Wednesday morning, Robin shared a photo of herself with the Glam Fam at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport.

She revealed that the trio were heading off for their next project, which will be outside the United States.

“Glam Fam & I headed out across the pond on work assignment for @goodmorningamerica. We look forward to morning message resuming when we return. Until then, have a blessed day and be a blessing! #cmon😘,” Robin captioned the Instagram photo.

Robin wasn’t part of Wednesday’s GMA lineup and didn’t specify in her social media posts why she was headed “across the pond.”

Her assignment may involve coverage of the Wimbledon tennis tournament, the recent renovations at Buckingham Palace, or something entirely different.

Rebecca Jarvis, filling in for Robin, introduced a GMA segment providing a look inside a Buckingham Palace wing rarely seen by the public.

As mentioned, Robin’s latest trip out of the country comes soon after her return from Portugal. During that adventure, she spent about two weeks away from NYC’s GMA studio but also worked for part of the trip to present reports and segments about the country.

Robin’s co-anchor, Michael Strahan, was also away from GMA for two weeks and returned this week. It’s believed he had an extended vacation through the Fourth of July holiday, including attending a star-studded party in the Hamptons.

Robin recently told a GMA guest that she came to work on her ‘day off’

According to a recent GMA social media post, Robin was scheduled for another day off after all her vacationing but chose to come to work instead.

ABC’s morning program features interviews with various celebrities, and many drop by the studio to chat. On Monday, July 8, actor, filmmaker, and playwright Tyler Perry was an in-studio guest.

GMA’s post on X (formerly known as Twitter) indicated that Robin “was supposed to have the day off — until she saw @tylerperry was on our show today!”

Before starting the interview, Robin made a “full confession” to Perry that she chose to come to work just because he would be a guest there.

“I was supposed to be off today. I had it off on the schedule. Then I saw that you were gonna be here, Robin told Perry, adding, “Now my team is mad at me because they thought they were gonna have a longer weekend, but I’m happy.”

In addition to her love for Perry, Robin previously revealed she loves traveling. GMA viewers eagerly await her next interview or report from “across the pond.”

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