Ximena Cuellar hurls insult at 90 Day Fiance fan in her DMs

Ximena Cuellar
An insult that Ximena Cuellar hurled at a 90 Day Fiance critic has surfaced. Pic credit: TLC

A DM conversation between Ximena Cuellar and a 90 Day Fiance viewer has surfaced in which Ximena hurled a derogatory insult.

The conversation on Instagram started when the person messaging Ximena stated their negative opinions about her and called her a gold digger for seemingly using Mike.

The 90 Day critic went on to tell Ximena that she didn’t deserve her children.

Ximena clapped back at the critic by appearing to ask what business it was of theirs if she was using Mike or not.

After a clarification from the critic, Ximena responded by using a derogatory term in Spanish to ask if the critic was queer.

Ximena Cuellar used an insulting term when responding to a 90 Day Fiance critic

A direct message conversation that Ximena had with a 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days critic on Instagram has come to light.

In the back and forth, the Ximena hater made some unsettling comments to her and she was prompted to respond. In doing so, Ximena used a derogatory term for a homosexual person.

The conversation began with the 90 Day critic saying, “Hello. Why are you so proud to use Mike? You have no shame?”

The hater continued, “You are a gold digger who cares about no one but yourself. you don’t deserve those precious children.”

Ximena replied, “Hello, it costs you that I still use it?”

The critic responded, “Use who? Mike?”

Ximena then wrote, “Hey. What are you homosexual?”

The term “Maricada” has several translations with the PG form being “sissy,” while other definitions say that it means, “homosexual.”

In the urban slang dictionary, it is reported to mean the derogatory word, “f****t.”

Instagram conversation between Ximena Cuellar and 90 Day viewer
Pic credit: @ximena_90day/Instagram

Ximena Cuellar was bashed during the 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Tell All

In a surprising turn of events from what Before the 90 Days viewers saw during the finale episode, Ximena and Mike said they were back together at the Tell All.

When it was time for Ximena and Mike to be in the hot seat, Ximena admitted that she was not in love with Mike but that he still supported her financially.

Mike’s friends John and Nelcy, as well as the other Before the 90 Days cast, were shocked by Ximena’s open admission.

Mike’s condemned behavior of refusing to leave Ximena’s house was not discussed during the Tell All. The main focus was on finding out what was currently going on between Mike and Ximena.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days is currently on hiatus.