Will Raygan Tyler get fired on Below Deck Med?

Raygan Tyler on Below Deck Med: Will Captain Sandy Yawn fire her?
Raygan has been struggling since Season 7 of Below Deck Med began. Pic credit: Peacock

Will Raygan Tyler get fired on Below Deck Mediterranean? That’s the question fans are asking as Season 7 gets underway, and the bosun continues to have the deck team in disarray.

Below Deck Med Season 7 was the first in two seasons that Captain Sandy Yawn hasn’t had her pal Malia White as a bosun.

Instead, Raygan has stepped into the role, earning criticism from the first episode for her many smoke breaks and lackluster work ethic. Captain Sandy has had to talk to Raygan more than once about stepping it up.

The charter guests have even complained about the deck team not being on the ball more than once.

It’s quickly becoming clear to viewers, and Captain Sandy Raygan just might not be cut out for this gig.

Warning there are spoilers from Below Deck Med Season 7 Episode 4 ahead in this article.

Will Raygan Tyler get fired from Below Deck Mediterranean?

Below Deck Med fans have declared bosun Raygan the worst and are ready for her to be off-screen.

The good news for those over Raygan is that it seems her days on the Home yacht are numbered. First, she declared the deckhands should listen to Storm Smith because he was more experienced than her.

Then Raygan not properly calling distance during a docking caused Captain Sandy to hit a dolphin with the yacht. Deckhand Jason Gaskell knew Raygan was misjudging the distance and called her out on it, but it was too late.

It was the final straw for Captain Sandy, who called Raygan to the bridge as the episode ended. Raygan didn’t run to the meeting and kept the captain waiting longer than necessary.

All signs point to Captain Sandy firing Raygan at the beginning of Episode 5. It will drop on Peacock on Monday, August 1, and air on Bravo on Monday, August 8.

Despite her conflict with Raygan, Captain Sandy recently told all the haters and trolls to stop the negativity toward crew members.

Who will replace Raygan Tyler as bosun on Below Deck Med Season 7?

No bosun was available to replace Raygan, so that means Captain Sandy will have to promote one of her deckhands. There’s no question she will have Storm take over the role.

Storm has proven more than once that he knows how to lead and take charge. The deckhand has also stepped up when Raygan hasn’t been pulling her weight.

Since a deckhand will be moving up to bosun, a space on the deck team will need to be filled. Enter Season 6 beauty and Zee’s former crush Courtney Veale.

Last summer, photos were leaked that proved the blonde bombshell will return for Season 7, and now it seems Below Deck Mediterranean fans know how she comes back.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo with early access on Peacock.

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