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Why did Leslie from Love Island USA leave? Islander’s sudden exit explained

Leslie reveals why she left Love Island USA.
Leslie was suddenly MIA from The Villa with no explanation on Sunday night’s episode. Pic credit: CBS

Why did Leslie from Love Island USA leave? Viewers of the hit CBS reality TV show have been wondering that since narrator Matthew Hoffman announced that Leslie Golden was no longer in The Villa.

The Texas native was last seen on the Friday, July 30 episode, featuring her and Genevieve Shawcross clashing with the OG islanders. Genevieve and Leslie were the only two females that stayed following the Casa Amor twist.

Although Korey Gandy picked Leslie, they didn’t appear to make a love connection. Korey moved on with Olivia Kaiser, while Leslie set her sights on Cinco Holland Jr.

Fans began to wonder what happened to Leslie when she was not eligible for the favorite female islander vote.

Why did Leslie from Love Island USA leave?

Leslie’s leaving Love Island USA has been explained by none other than the islander herself. Shortly after Sunday night’s episode aired, barely acknowledging Leslie’s absence from The Villa, she used social media to answer questions.

In an Instagram Q&A session, Leslie opened about her experience on the CBS reality TV show. One fan, of course, asked why she left if she claims to have gotten along with the other islanders.

“Personal reasons,” Leslie answered.

Leslie left villa for personal reaons.
Pic credit: @LeslieGolden/Instagram

When she didn’t give any further details, another user then pressed her for answers asking Leslie to “Let it all out.”

“No but really it’s not that deep. Has absolutely nothing to do with anyone in the villa. Pinky swear,” she wrote.

Leslie opens up about personal reasons for leaving.
Pic credit: @LeslieGolden/Instagram

What happened to Leslie’s voice on Love Island USA?

One fan theory regarding Leslie’s abrupt exit was that she got ill. Over the seven days that Leslie was in The Villa, her voice drastically changed.

It quickly became clear that Leslie was losing her voice, leading viewers to believe she may have left due to sickness. Leslie addressed that in her Instagram Q&A session, admitting she lost it because of yelling too much during the challenges. She also explained talking so much in The Villa added to her voice change.

What happened to Leslie's voice?
Pic credit: @LeslieGolden/Instagram

Leslie Golden has become the third person to be MIA from Love Island USA suddenly.

Slade Parker was the first islander to suddenly leave, while Tony ‘Ballo’ Caraballo was sent home right before he was slated to enter Casa Amor. Kamryn Mickens-Bennett replaced Ballo, who viewers never saw on the show.

As for what Leslie thought of how the show explained her exit, she was unfazed. Leslie attributed it to producers not wanting to take away from the action going on in The Villa. There was a lot of drama, including Cinco and Genevieve being the two islanders that were not saved by the group and were sent packing.

Love Island USA airs Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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