Who went home on The Challenge: Total Madness Episode 7 tonight? Purgatory elimination results

jenna nany and jordan on the challenge total madness episode 7
Jenna, Nany, and Jordan formed the latest Tribunal to decide one half of the Purgatory elimination. Pic credit: MTV

On Wednesday, The Challenge: Total Madness returned after last week’s cliffhanger ending. Viewers were finally able to see who was the next person to get eliminated from the show, ending their chance at big money.

It would be an elimination involving the ladies, but would Jenna or Nany be involved in the Purgatory elimination? Here’s the latest recap on who went home on The Challenge: Total Madness Episode 7 results.

Tribunal plans and elimination nominations

On last week’s episode, Jay Starrett was sent home due to being medically unable to keep going after that vicious hit from Rogan.

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The end of Total Madness episode 6 also saw a surprising Tribunal form after Nany and Jordan won the latest competition. They brought Jenna in as their third member, despite some thinking she would be the group vote for elimination.

Now it was time to see who would be sent into Purgatory. Nany and Kailah plot with Jenna.

They say if Tori puts herself in, they’d be smart to vote in Jenny or Dee, so maybe one of them goes home.

During the group nominations, Tori speaks to everyone and says she’d be honored to get sent in to get her Red Skull. Most of the group give Tori their vote. Nelson gives a public apology for yelling at Aneesa during the competition.

However, he then gets into an argument with Kailah calling her “the foulest woman” there. Bear sticks up for her against Nelson.

Tori gets the group vote to go into elimination. The guys pull Nelson aside to talk to him about calling Kailah a “slut.”

More drama erupts during a night out

Everyone goes to hang out at the bar ahead of the elimination. Nany is getting flirty with Kaycee, but she’s got a girlfriend back home. Aneesa tries to talk to Kaycee when Nany leaves for a moment.

Nany comes back and gets into some arguing with Aneesa over that. Back at the house, Nany has a cup of noodles and throws them during her drunken rant.

Nelson apologizes to Kailah for his previous rant at her, and she forgives him. Nany breaks down crying when she talks to Aneesa the next morning, apologizing for her behavior the night before.

Tribunal nominations give five possible contenders

Jordan, Nany, and Jenna convene about who to send in as their choice. Jordan suggests Dee. Nany suggests Kailah. Jordan recommends Big T as an easy competitor for Tori to beat. Nany and Jenna also can use the option to go in, if either one of them decides to face Tori.

Dee is not happy being one of the nominees and storms into the room to be the first to speak with the Tribunal. She tells Jordan she won’t be an easy Red Skull for Tori and will come back upset.

Big T also gets a bit teary during her talk with Tribunal. They tell her it’s not a personal attack against her. Cory also gives Big T a pep talk after she comes out of the room.

Jenna makes another video call to Zach. He is fuming mad, saying she cheated on him and lied. He gives her an ultimatum. Zach says if she chooses to stay there and not come home to talk to him, he’s going to pack up her stuff at his house.

Purgatory elimination with TJ

It’s finally time for the elimination and a TJ Lavin appearance. It’s a physical elimination involving wheelbarrows, ramps, and other heavy objects. Tori goes down to join TJ.

TJ asks the Tribunal for their votes. Jenna tells TJ she wants to go in and try to prove herself. TJ asks if she’s going to just quit. Jenna assures him that’s not the case.

The play Dust to Dust where they carry bricks up a ramp to smash through a grate. Pieces of brick fall into a wheelbarrow below, and then they have to go fill up a bin past a line. The first competitor to do it will win, and the loser goes home.

Jenna gets off to an impressive start. Tori eventually catches up. It becomes neck-and-neck as they push their final wheelbarrow loads up the ramp. In the end, Jenna shocks everyone and wins it as TJ blows the horn.

Jordan rushes down to hug her, and Tori tells him to stay strong. Jenna now has a Red Skull as Tori goes home.

The Challenge: Total Madness airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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