Who went home on The Challenge: Total Madness Episode 6 tonight? Latest elimination results and relationship drama

the challenge total madness episode 6
Big T, Jenna, and Melissa learn about a new competition on The Challenge: Total Madness. Pic credit: MTV

On MTV’s The Challenge: Total Madness Episode 6, viewers saw the continuation of last week’s elimination results involving Jay Starrett and Rogan. Also, there was a new elimination ahead, this time for the ladies.

All of that also arrived with more drama amongst players and another exciting competition involving some stunts based on an action movie franchise.

Here’s who went home on the latest episode of The Challenge: Total Madness tonight.

Jay vs. Rogan elimination continues

At the end of the previous Challenge episode, viewers saw Jay smashed to the ground by Rogan in just the first round of their elimination. Some viewers even wondered if Jay broke his arm. However, they revealed that Jay had the wind knocked out of him. The team checked on him, and he said he’d go forth anyway.

He tried to shoot the flaming ball over Rogan twice but missed both times. Rogan cleared the ball out of the circle, meaning Jay’s turns were over. He talked to someone from MTV production asking about the rules and said he didn’t even remember his first turn.

Eventually, they rule out Jay as medically unable to compete, so he is eliminated. Rogan gets a Red Skull for his helmet.

Relationship issues for Kailah, Jenna

There’s a continuation of the whole Bear and Kailah flirtation in the house despite Kailah having a boyfriend. Meanwhile, Jenna is frustrated because her boyfriend Zach back home isn’t answering her video calls.

Jenna calls her friend Nicole. She tells her that Zach looked at her Instagram DMs from two years ago and freaked out over it all. That was during a time they weren’t together. Jenna breaks down, thinking she needs to go home from the show.

She gets advice from other people about whether she should stay or go. Nany and Jordan suggest she stay and not let that be the reason she leaves. Tori said if it was her and she felt Jordan was going to leave her back home, she’d leave the show.

Wes, Bananas, and some of the other guys work on “tricking out” Bear’s bed so he can have Kailah stay over. Unfortunately, part of their joke is to tape photos of Kailah and her boyfriend to the ceiling. That doesn’t sit well with her, and she throws stuff around the kitchen.

Bear tries to talk to her the next day, and she goes off saying she’s done with him.

Jenna finally gets in touch with Zach, and he questions that maybe she’s not been forthcoming about who she is. He suggests something was in her DMs that made her appear to be like a cheater. She can’t decide about staying or going.

Fast and Furious competition

The new competition involves two huge trucks with puzzle pieces on the sides. Players are wearing harnesses and have to bring puzzle pieces from the side of the speeding truck up to the top. Before they get going, TJ says he’s heard some stuff going on in the bunker. He tells them he thought they were the toughest competitors ever assembled, then asks if anyone wants to quit now.

TJ says the new challenge is called Fast and Furious. He mentions the new movie F9. The new challenge has players in pairs tethered together with just enough slack to get to puzzle pieces on the moving trucks to solve a puzzle. It’s a timed event, so the team that finishes quickest forms the Tribunal.

One player is randomly selected to get two chances at this one. It’s Jordan, so he’ll go once with Nany and once with Bayleigh. He finished the puzzle during his run with Nany, setting a high bar for the rest of the competitors.

During the competition, several competitors don’t even get all their pieces. A few drop pieces so they can’t finish it.

Nelson blows up as his partner Aneesa when she drops a piece to the road because he thinks she threw the competition. He accuses her of some plan where Jenna is going into elimination to give another female an easy Red Skull.

Melissa and Bananas finish it. So do Kaycee and Bear.

Who won the challenge and is in Tribunal?

Jordan goes for his second time with Bayleigh. She misses a piece and has to go back down for it, costing some time. They have trouble getting the puzzle put together, and time runs out. Bayleigh gets mad, accusing Jordan of making sure he and Nany won. Bayleigh thinks it’s so Nany can go into an easy elimination for a Red Skull from Jenna.

Three teams finished the challenge: Bananas and Melissa, Bear and Kaycee, and Jordan and Nany. The winning team is the pair of Nany and Jordan.

Nany and Jordan surprise everyone by choosing Jenna as the third member of the Tribunal. Unfortunately, viewers have to wait until next week to see who is sent into elimination and goes home for the ladies.

The Challenge: Total Madness airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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