Who went home on The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 14? Elimination results and Gold Skull winner

competitors at the crater in the challenge double agents episode 14
The Challenge competitors await the elimination matchup at The Crater in Double Agents Episode 14. Pic credit: MTV

With Episode 14 of The Challenge: Double Agents, it was down to two competitors who still needed their Gold Skulls. Cory Wharton and Tula “Big T” Fazakerley were hoping they’d get the opportunity to go into elimination and become eligible for the final.

Meanwhile, Kyle Christie and Aneesa Ferreira found themselves as targets in the house. Cory explained to Aneesa he’d prefer to go against Kyle in the elimination, so he was trying to become house vote.

With new Double Agents crowned at the daily mission, it would set up an interesting strategy for the house vote as players attempted to protect their Skulls.

Mission Undercover creates surprise Double Agents team

In the latest daily mission, competitors were diving deep into freezing water to retrieve six rings with special codes on them. They’d have to swim underwater between tectonic plates and use a line to pull themselves over to grab the rings. If they came up above the surface during the swim, they were disqualified.

Once both players had their rings, they went to the surface to try to solve a puzzle. The team to get it done the quickest would become Double Agents.

Due to winning the daily mission in Double Agents Episode 13, Kaycee Clark and Leroy Garrett got to choose the order teams would compete in. They went with Kyle and Aneesa as the first team.

During the mission, several teams were disqualified due to a competitor never going underwater or one coming up during the mission. They included Fessy Shafaat and Nany Gonzalez, Amber Borzotra and Darrell Taylor, and Cory and Big T. Cory explained he couldn’t start the mission due to a childhood trauma where he thought he would drown underwater.

The teams that completed the mission were CT Tamburello and Kam Williams, Leroy Garrett and Kaycee Clark, and Aneesa and Kyle. Challenge host TJ Lavin revealed the winning team was Aneesa and Kyle, who “dominated by a lot,” surprising the other competitors.

Who got eliminated at The Crater in Episode 14?

While Cory wanted to be the house vote, other competitors didn’t want to leave it up to Aneesa and Kyle to decide who he faced. So strategies started about putting in Darrell as the house vote. At the nightclub, Leroy tried to give Darrell a heads up that he might get voted in. Darrell told Leroy he’d steal Kam or his partner Kaycee if he got sent into elimination and won.

When the secret house vote took place, some of the agents voted differently, but it was Darrell and Amber B. who had the most votes. That put them into elimination at The Crater. Kyle and Aneesa chose to send in Cory and Big T against them since they needed their Gold Skulls.

The elimination event was Snapping Point, which made its third appearance for the season. The two competitors were attached to ropes and had to run around poles and then sprint to be the first to press a red button on the ground.

Unlike the previous times, this one wasn’t as much of a battle. Both competitors took off running. However, Cory got the momentum on the sprint and was able to leap to press his button first, releasing smoke into the air. With that, Cory took Darrell’s Gold Skull and sent the four-time champion home.

As the show ended, Cory had the decision to make about his partner. He said he wanted to choose someone that already had their Skull, so he stole Kam away from CT. That meant CT got to choose between Big T and Amber B. as his new partner. In a moment of redemption, he said he wanted to reunite with Big T and help her get her Gold Skull.

Amber B. became the newest Rogue Agent. TJ told the competitors all 10 Gold Skulls had owners, but one player still needed a Skull. TJ told them no one was officially in the final yet as it was “far from over.”

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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