Who went home on The Challenge: All Stars Episode 1? First OG elimination results

syrus yarbrough and beth Stolarczyk at first challenge all stars elimination
Syrus Yarbrough and Beth Stolarczyk watch the first elimination on The Challenge: All Stars season. Pic credit: Paramount+

The OGs are back! The first episode of The Challenge: All Stars brought back 22 legendary competitors from over the years to battle it out in Argentina for $500,000 in prize money.

The first episode brought a flood of memories as the various cast members reunited and got to party a bit. However, that all went out the door when it came time to compete, including their first daily mission and an elimination.

Here’s who went home on The Challenge: All Stars Episode 1 with the first official elimination for the OG spinoff season.

First daily challenge is Mission Deep Blue Dive

After arriving off a bus to an outdoor site, the All Stars cast members were greeted by host TJ Lavin who welcomed them back and gave them a speech about what was ahead. He informed them it was an individual game, and one winner would take home $500,000.

From there, the cast was transported to the house they’d be staying at. They rushed around from room to room to see what was available, similar to the old days.

They’d have their first mission soon after all of the introductions and pleasantries were out of the way. It was Mission Deep Blue Dive featuring two teams of 11 players each, selected randomly. Each team had a male and female team captain. For one team, it was Jisela Delgado and Teck Holmes. For the other team, it was Laterrian Wallace and Kellyanne Judd.

The objective was to solve math equations and dive underwater to get the puzzle piece with the correct answer to bring back to shore. Each team member had to attempt to go in the water at least once to retrieve a puzzle piece. If someone couldn’t make the swim or dive, they could go back to shore and tag someone else in, but it caused a five-minute penalty. Once teams had retrieved all the pieces, they had to solve one final equation. The team that did it first would win.

Many of the competitors had trouble with the swim and dive, so they couldn’t do it, drawing numerous penalties. Medics were even involved in helping some people out. However, certain competitors stepped up. Jisela Delgado and Yes Duffy performed impressively for their team, helping them get the win.

Since Jisela was the female captain for the winning team, she received a Lifesaver. TJ explained that she could use that to save someone from going into elimination if she wanted.

TJ said it would be a male elimination day, and since Laterrian was the captain on the losing side, he was automatically going in. The winning team would then vote for one team member during a nomination meeting to go in against him.

Nomination meeting and first OG elimination

Ahead of the winning team even having their meeting, Latterian talked with Syrus Yarbrough from the winning side. He explained to him he’d like to go against Ace Amerson. In a confessional interview, Laterrian admitted he didn’t have much connection or relationship with Ace outside of the game.

At the nomination meeting, Syrus spoke up about what Latterian wanted. Ace was a bit upset that the losing team’s player was getting to choose what he wanted. Unfortunately for Ace, his team was on board with voting him in, although a few team members tried to be noble about it. Ace called his teammates “monsters” at one point for how they were doing this.

Later on, the cast partied with a 1990s throwback party at the house to relive their OG days. Competitors wore various costumes as classic music from the era played including Return of the Mack by Mark Morrison. Ace even showed up to party so he could reunite with people he hadn’t seen in years.

The next night, competitors arrived at a venue called The Arena, where TJ said all eliminations would take place. Laterrian and Ace joined TJ inside a circle in the sand.

the challenge all stars first elimination event
Laterrian and Ace battled in Pole Wrestle at The Arena on Challenge: All Stars. Pic credit: Paramount+

TJ asked Jisela if she wanted to use her Lifesaver to keep Ace out of elimination. She recalled years ago how on a season of The Challenge, Ace referred to her as “dead weight.” She declined to use her Lifesaver to save him.

The two male competitors had to go at it in Pole Wrestle. While Ace put up a good fight, Laterrian was able to redeem himself after failing in an elimination years ago. He continued to pick up Ace with the pole and slam him down to the ground. That eventually allowed him to yank the pole away from Ace. He used the strategy two rounds in a row to win it.

TJ thanked Ace for returning to compete, and everyone wished him farewell as the first eliminated competitor. Ace said it was worth “getting the crap kicked out of” him to be able to see all these people after 15 years.

“Welcome back to The Challenge,” Darrell Taylor said as the episode closed out.

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