Who is the new Head of Household on Big Brother 23?

New HOH Comp
The second HOH Competition for Big Brother 23 just took place. Pic credit: CBS

A new Big Brother 23 Head of Household was crowned on Thursday night. After a chaotic first week for the BB23 cast, it will be very interesting to see how the next few days go in the house.

Frenchie was the first HOH of the summer and he caused a lot of chaos with his conversations and alliance-making. We have a list of Frenchie’s alliances, and it may end up growing if he gets nervous during the next week. Frenchie’s alliances also include a new final two agreement.

But back to what took place on the July 15 episode of Big Brother 23. The two people on the block at the first Eviction Ceremony were Alyssa Lopez and Travis Long.

The BB23 cast voted to evict Travis (11-2), bringing Frenchie’s time in charge to an end. It was then time to play in a new Head of Household Competition.

Who won HOH on Big Brother tonight?

Everyone not named Frenchie took part in a golf-themed Head of Household Competition to decide who would be in charge of the game during Week 2.

The BB23 cast members took turns taking shots toward the shark as Frenchie watched from the sidelines. It was pretty intense, but it was fun to watch how much cheering was going on as many of them were taking their shots.

Kyland Young won the Head of Household Competition. By winning this intense challenge, Team Queens became safe for the week. This means that in addition to Kyland being in charge of the house now, Claire Rehfuss and Tiffany Mitchell are safe from being nominated.

What will Kyland do now that he is in charge of the game? That is going to be very exciting to watch, especially after he wound up on the block during the first week of action. Will he go after Frenchie? Or will Kyland target someone that he isn’t currently aligned with?

More news from the world of Big Brother

Big Brother 10 winner Dan Gheesling was mentioned on the live feeds and he decided to respond on his own social media. Dan also revealed who he is rooting for on the BB23 cast and shared who he thought was already playing a great game.

Elsewhere in the world of Big Brother, Kat Dunn (BB21) and Rockstar (BB20) just quit Twitter over some really negative people that were coming after them.

Another piece of interesting news from the past week came after host Julie Chen Moonves revealed that the new houseguests are playing for $750,000 this summer. Big Brother 13 winner Rachel Reilly announced that she wants to play Big Brother 24 now.

In a new BB23 fan poll, Tiffany Mitchell was ranked as the most popular houseguest this summer. That could continue because as the season goes on, she is getting more and more support from fans on social media. Tiffany has also made some good alliances in the game that could take her far this summer.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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