Dan Gheesling gives a shoutout to Big Brother 23 cast, reveals who he is rooting for this season

Dan Gheesling BB
Dan Gheesling had some fun things to say about the Big Brother 23 cast. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 10 winner Dan Gheesling was recently mentioned by a new houseguest on the Big Brother live feeds. This led to Dan giving a shoutout to a few members of the BB23 cast. He also revealed who he is rooting for this season.

When it comes to the history of Big Brother, Dan is one of the most recognizable players that the game has seen. He made a name for himself on the BB10 cast and went home with the $500,000 prize. He would then return as a coach for the BB14 cast, where he would finish in second place to Ian Terry.

Dan is very active on social media, frequently doing live streams and often playing games with an audience on his Twitch stream. It’s on that stream where he interacts with a lot of Big Brother fans and speaks about former houseguests and current seasons.

Recently, Dan also revealed that his wife is pregnant and that they are expecting a new baby soon.

Dan Gheesling picks a favorite from BB23 cast

“appreciate the [love] from tiffany – rooting for her, not because of this vid but because she’s from MI,” Dan captioned a video that he shared on Twitter where he was writing about Tiffany Mitchell.

“but also, the guy in the red shirt is playing the game!!!!!!!! little interactions like this is what the game is about, subtle but important in the long game,” Dan wrote about Kyland Young, who also appeared in the video.

The video that Dan shared is straight from the Big Brother live feeds, where Tiffany was talking with Kyland and Claire Rehfuss about how much she “stans” Dan. At one point, she remarks about how she wants him to know her, not realizing that Dan does, in fact, know about her now.

His advice about Kyland’s interactions in the video could be a great tip for anyone planning to be on the Big Brother 24 cast next summer.

More news from the world of Big Brother

There is a new group of houseguests in the house and the BB23 cast is playing in teams to start this season. The prize money has also been increased for this summer, with the Big Brother 23 winner leaving the game with $750,000 this fall.

When she saw the huge increase in the amount of money that a Big Brother winner can take home, Rachel Reilly posted about wanting to play on the BB24 cast.

Elsewhere, the members of the Big Brother 21 cast got together to celebrate a new season beginning.

In less positive news, former houseguests Kat Dunn and Rockstar quit Twitter this week after some really negative interactions from “fans” of the show. Hopefully, they come back soon, because they were always fun to hear from when it came to new people playing the game.

Regarding Big Brother 23, the show is heading toward its first elimination of the season. The first BB23 eviction episode will be the end of the road for someone. But who is going home first?

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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