Frenchie’s alliances on Big Brother: A look at BB23 cast lines

Team Jokers BB23
Team Jokers may help Frenchie make it far on Big Brother 23. Pic credit: CBS

Frenchie already has a lot of alliances on Big Brother this summer. In fact, there are more BB23 cast members aligned with him than there are who are working against him. It could be a good strategy or it could backfire in Week 2 if he isn’t careful.

Below is a look at many of the alliances and agreements that Frenchie has been involved in during Week 1. Some of them could crumble pretty quickly, but he will need a few of them to stand up for a while if he doesn’t want to wind up on the block right away.

As soon as Frenchie walked through the door he was already making agreements with people. Right after he won his game against Xavier Prather, Travis Long, and Derek Frazier, Frenchie promised them safety and plotted to work with them. This was even before the BB23 teams were formed.

Later, it was revealed that Team Jokers would be Brandon “Frenchie” French, Azah Awasum, Britini D’Angelo, and Derek Frazier. This added Azah and Britini to the growing list of people that Frenchie would be planning to work with this summer.

More Frenchie alliances on Big Brother 23

Frenchie also has the much larger Slaughterhouse alliance that could be his biggest asset in the coming weeks. The people in that group are Derek F, Xavier, Whitney Williams, Brent Champagne, Kyland Young, Alyssa Lopez, and Christian Birkenberger.

When it comes to the final two deals, CBS viewers just saw the one that Frenchie and Brent agreed to during Episode 3. Before that, Frenchie had also made a final two deal with Derek F that he is still working with. And then on July 14, Frenchie finalized a new final two deal with Whitney.

But wait… there’s more.

Frenchie also has a sub-alliance from Slaughterhouse that is called The Butchers. This group is tighter and plans to make moves against other members of Slaughterhouse once other obstacles have been removed from the BB23 cast.

The Butchers alliance is made up of Frenchie, Xavier, Christian, Derek F, and Kyland. This tracks back to when the first four guys entered the house. They have since added Christian as another main component.

Frenchie is also in a Parents alliance with Whitney and Tiffany Mitchell, and he seems to have a pseudo-final two deal with Tiffany that hasn’t been made official when the feeds were up.

And these are just the agreements that we have seen take place on the Big Brother live feeds. There has been a lot of down time with the feeds, including three straight hours on premiere night, so there could be some additional alliances that have been kept secret since then.

What will be very interesting to see is whether or not having all of these alliances turns out to be a benefit for Frenchie. Everyone in the BB23 house knows that Frenchie was trying to put together a mega-alliance, but will they figure out the smaller deals as well? Stay tuned.

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