Big Brother live feed spoilers: Frenchie finalizes new final two

Frenchie BB23 Live Feeds
Frenchie has a lot of plans laid out with the Big Brother 23 cast Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother live feed spoilers from July 14 revealed that Frenchie isn’t done making alliances in the house. He now has another final two agreement in his back pocket and he hopes that it will help him make it all the way to the end of this season.

Frenchie has made no secret of the fact that he started making alliances as soon as he walked through the front doors of the Big Brother house. While they were on the balcony watching the women play their first challenge, Frenchie promised safety to Xavier Prather, Travis Long, and Derek Frazier.

Shortly after that, Frenchie made a final two deal with Derek Frazier. That’s an agreement that the pair has discussed a number of times, but it is really unclear if Derek F. would stick to that deal when Frenchie is no longer in power. At the same time, it’s a good agreement to have under wraps, as people might not expect it.

Now, Frenchie has made another final two deal, taking a few moments on Wednesday morning to sneak away to the Storage Room and finalize a deal shortly before he loses the power of being HOH.

Frenchie and Whitney Williams align

Frenchie and Whitney Williams now have a final two deal, and they also have tentative plans to start picking apart their own larger alliance. It’s a dangerous game to start making that plan this early, but Whitney already revealed that she wants to get Claire Rehfuss out of the game.

It sounds as though Whitney would go after Claire right away if she were to win the new Head of Household Competition that will be played on July 15.

The many alliances of Brandon French

Brandon “Frenchie” French is playing the game hard and fast, making alliances with anyone who will hear him out. There were plenty of jokes made by other houseguests as well as people watching the live feeds about Frenchie aligning with every member of the BB23 cast.

When it comes to some of his other alliances, he has a three-person with Whitney and Tiffany Mitchell that combines the parents, he has a final two with Brent Champagne, and he has the Slaughterhouse with Derek F, Xavier, Whitney, Brent, Kyland Young, Alyssa Lopez, and Christian Birkenberger.

How many of these alliances will remain loyal to Frenchie when he can no longer call the shots and someone else is residing in the HOH room? That’s the million-dollar question (or $750,000 in this case) because he continues to make moves and comments that are ruffling a lot of feathers inside the house.

As for confidence, he is not short on that. Frenchie was seen calling the BB23 cast “stupid” on Tuesday night. That was right before he told production to just cut him the check now since he is going to easily win the summer season.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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