Frenchie calls the rest of the Big Brother 23 cast ‘stupid’ and tells production to ‘write me the check’

Frenchie In BB23 DR
Frenchie has been making a lot of moves during Week 1 of Big Brother 23. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 23 is Frenchie’s domain – at least if you ask him it is. He feels in complete control of the entire BB23 cast, even though many viewers at home would call his week as the Head of Household a bit disastrous.

As his time in control of the house nears its end, Frenchie said some things on the Big Brother live feeds that will certainly perk up the ears of subscribers. And Frenchie has to hope that nobody else in the house heard what he was saying to the cameras on Tuesday night.

“People are stupid. You literally put me in a house with a bunch of people that are so easy to convince stuff,” Frenchie can be seen saying on the Big Brother live feeds as the house celebrated Taco Tuesday with a Toga Party.

“Y’all make this too easy. Man. Just write me the check,” Frenchie said out loud as he finished up in the kitcen on Tuesday night.

Frenchie the Farmer really wants that $750,000

It’s pretty clear that Frenchie feels that he is still in the driver’s seat to win the grand prize this summer, even though the first three targets he claimed to be going after this week have all found safety for another week.

Below is a video clip of Frenchie speaking about how easy he feels this game is to win. Will he even find a way to survive Week 2, though?

Big Brother 23 spoilers about upcoming eviction

A lot has happened over the past few days that has been revealed on the Big Brother live feeds. That includes a few spoilers that dictate how the first Eviction Ceremony of the summer is going to play out.

Derek Xiao won the first Power of Veto for the summer, which may have saved himself from going up on the block – at least based on what Frenchie had been telling a lot of other members of the BB23 cast.

Then, at the Veto Ceremony, Derek used the POV to save Kyland Young from the block. Frenchie was forced to come up with a replacement nominee and he put Travis Long up on the block next to Alyssa Lopez.

The Big Brother house has already decided who it is going to evict during the Jury 15 episode as well. It looks like a close to unanimous vote to evict Travis is going to take place. Alyssa will be safe, but she may hold a grudge about how she was used as a pawn after she was promised safety by Frenchie.

Moving forward, a new Head of Household will be taking over the power in the house. Will they still be keen on doing what Frenchie wants? Or will it be time for someone else to target him due to the way he recklessly played out Week 1? We will all have to watch closely to find out.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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