Who is Simon Guobadia? Here’s what to know about Porsha Williams’ new man

Simon Guobadia films for RHOA
Simon Guobadia on RHOA. Pic credit: Bravo

Porsha shocked Real Housewives of Atlanta fans when she revealed she was dating her RHOA costar, Falynn Guobadia’s ex-husband, Simon Guobadia.

While RHOA viewers know plenty about Porsha, they’re wondering who her new man Simon is and what he does.

When Simon was introduced on RHOA Season 13, he was still happily married to Falynn. Despite their 25-year age gap, the couple expressed they were very happy together.

However, between then and now, Falynn and Simon filed for divorce and Simon began dating Porsha.

Porsha revealed the relationship Monday and admitted that she and Simon have only been dating for a month, and she and Falynn are no longer friends.

Everything you need to know about Simon Guobadia

Simon is an extremely successful businessman. Simon is the CEO of the SIMCOL Group, KLC Petroleum, SIMCOL Petroleum, and a restaurateur.

Simon first started his studies at Loyola College in Nigeria and went on to study at the University of District of Colombia, where he attained his BBA in Accounting.

He also has been a producer on several films, including Son of the South (2020), Kill (2019), Ken Ford Live from the Buckhead Theater (2013), and Jail Dogs (2013).

Between all of his ventures, Simon has an estimated net worth of about $40 million.

Simon has been married twice. During his first marriage, he had four kids — Quentin, Nicole, Benjamin and Christian.

His second marriage was to Falynn. The couple started dating in 2016 and got married in 2019. The pair also share a daughter named Ximena.

Now that he is with Porsha, the two will also co-parent her daughter PJ.

Simon proposed to Porsha

Despite the fact that they’ve only been dating for a month, Simon revealed that he proposed to Porsha in his most recent Instagram post.

He started out by thanking those who have sent supportive messages about their new relationship.

Simon then admitted that he didn’t believe he would find himself an engaged man so soon.

“You affirm my believe [sic] that finding love is possible for everyone who genuinely seeks one. Getting married again was never a question in my mind, but when. Did not expect to be blessed with a mate so soon. The interesting thing about life is that it is an individual journey,” he wrote in the post’s caption.

He went on to describe the positive impact his new relationship has had and will have.

“Porsha and I, with the support of our loved ones have chosen to travel together as one and spread love and positivity to our community which is in desperate need of positive and healthy images of the best versions of ourselves,” he continued. “We travel this road not lightly considering we have being in relationships that have thought us to want and do better for ourselves.

He then explained why he was so quick to propose to Porsha despite only having been dating for one month,

“I asked her to marry me because we checked ALL of each other’s boxes, and then some. We have done the individual work to sustain a healthy relationship, and I stand next to her, proud that we found each other. What we have is what we wish every single one of you out there – happiness. So when I asked…she said yes. That is ALL that mattered. Thank you again for your love and support. Truly appreciated,” he concluded.

Simon and Porsha’s relationship came on fast and strong, and while fans have had mixed reactions to the relationship, Porsha has gotten plenty of support from her RHOA costars.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is currently on hiatus at Bravo.

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