Who is Jerry O’Connell from Celebrity Big Brother 3?

Jerry Loves Big Brother
Celebrity Big Brother 4 has someone in Jerry O’Connell who says he wants to play. Pic credit: CBS

Jerry O’Connell appeared on a new episode Celebrity Big Brother 3 to discuss the current season with host Julie Chen Moonves.

O’Connell definitely had a lot of positive things to say about Todrick Hall, but he certainly didn’t touch on the constant “cut downs” and personal attacks coming from the former American Idol contestant.

On the live feeds this week, Todd Bridges spoke about those “cut downs” and referenced how he has to measure his responses to Todrick.

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Outside of the house, Shanna Moakler shared her opinion that Todrick Hall enjoys playing a victim on Celebrity Big Brother 3. And that was before Todrick told the live feeds that Shanna should apologize to him for everything that happened this winter.

But this is about Jerry O’Connell, who stated that even though he is “a D-list celebrity,” he is ready to sign up for the next season of Celebrity Big Brother.

Who is Jerry O’Connell from Celebrity Big Brother 3 episode?

Even after all of these years, actor Jerry O’Connell is still best known for playing Vern Tessio on Stand by Me. The movie based on an original story by Stephen King came out back in 1986, and it also featured Wil Wheaton, River Phoenix, Corey Feldman, and Kiefer Sutherland.

Since then, O’Connell has been seen as Andrew Clements on My Secret Identity, Quinn Mallory on Sliders, on Crossing Jordan and Las Vegas as Detective Woody Hoyt, and even on The Big Bang Theory as Sheldon Cooper’s older brother on the small screen.

On the big screen, O’Connell was also a love interest in Scream 2 and was a football player in Jerry Maguire.

Currently, O’Connell is a co-host of The Talk, a daily show that would likely make it impossible for him to star on a future season of Celebrity Big Brother, no matter how much he says he wants to play the game as a superfan.

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More from Celebrity Big Brother 2022

We are coming to the end of the season, and here is the updated CBS schedule for Celebrity Big Brother 3. The season finale is coming up quickly, with the air date set for Wednesday, October 23. That’s when the CBB3 jury will decide who wins the $250,000 prize.

For fans looking forward to when the new season of the show arrives, Big Brother 24 applications are being reviewed now, so if you are a hopeful houseguest, make sure to get yours submitted. That upcoming season will take place during Summer 2022 on CBS.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 airs on CBS during February 2022.

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