Who is Analyse Talavera on The Challenge: Ride or Dies and where can you find her on Instagram?

analyse talavera in the challenge ride or dies cast photo
Analyse Talavera appears in MTV’s The Challenge: Ride or Dies cast photo. Pic credit: MTV

Analyse Talavera is on The Challenge: Ride or Dies season, making her debut as one of the newcomers hoping to outdo the competition.

The reality TV star brings experience from another popular show, CBS’ Big Brother, which has brought several recent champions to The Challenge.

Analyse also nearly appeared on a previous season of MTV’s competition series but didn’t make the final cut. Now she gets her chance to shine and show her skills.

Being new to the MTV show gives her a bit of a disadvantage from the start, as she may not have too many allies in the game.

Thanks to the show’s theme, she’ll have a partner with her, but it’s a fellow rookie, meaning they might have to look elsewhere for help staying in the competition.

Here are more details about Analyse, including her previous show, Ride or Dies partner situation, and where to find her on social media.

Who is Analyse Talavera on The Challenge: Ride or Dies?

Analyse is a 25-year-old reality TV star from Northridge, California. She previously appeared on CBS’ Big Brother Season 21, which included David Alexander, a recent cast member on CBS’ The Challenge: USA spinoff.

In her Big Brother houseguest profile, Analyse gave more details about herself ahead of CBS’ game show. She mentioned she was passionate about fashion and loved shopping, tanning, and beach trips. She confessed that she gets “emotional” and will “cry for literally everything.”

Analyse also mentioned playing a low-key game for Big Brother. Fans might see her try to do the same as part of The Challenge Season 38.

During her BB season, Analyse lasted 65 days as a houseguest. She made it to the eighth week of the show, finishing in ninth place overall and as a jury member. She also continued her showmance with castmate Jack Matthews after leaving the show, but the couple split within two months.

Analyse will debut on MTV’s The Challenge: Ride or Dies. The reality TV star brings some athletic background with her to the competition series too. She was a college soccer player with the Nevada Wolfpack and said she idolized Alex Morgan.

Based on details released ahead of the show, Analyse will team up with her former BB 21 castmate, Tommy Bracco, for Ride or Dies.

The two rookies will attempt to navigate the game and might look to fellow BB stars that are Challenge vets, including Amber Boroztra, Fessy Shafaat, and Kaycee Clark.

As of this writing, there have yet to be any cast promotional videos revealed for The Challenge Season 38, which could give more details about Analyse’s background, allies, and strategies.

Where to find Analyse on Instagram and other platforms

Fans can follow Analyse on her official Instagram @analysetalavera, where she currently has 119,000 followers.

She shared the big announcement that she’s part of MTV’s The Challenge: Ride or Dies, with an IG post showing her official cast photo and a side-by-side pic featuring her partner, Tommy.

“Cat is out the bag!! So excited to start this new journey on @thechallenge Season 38!? But even more excited to share it with you all!? So blessed to have been able to experience this crazy thing with my best friend and TRUE ride or die!” she wrote in her caption.

In addition to posting about her reality TV appearances, Analyse shares other content on her IG. That often includes modeling various outfits, taking trips, and enjoying events like the Stagecoach Festival (below).

Analyse also has a TikTok account, where she shares various videos that capture funny moments or random thoughts she has to share.

That included one where she used a voiceover joking about someone telling her to watch her 5-foot-2 mouth, indicating that’s not even her real height.

Along with IG and TikTok, Analyse has a YouTube channel with a handful of videos including some vlogs. However, she hasn’t been too active recently on the video platform.

As of this report, Analyse doesn’t have an active Twitter account, so fans will need to follow her Instagram to see if she has reactions and comments about her appearance on The Challenge!

The Challenge: Ride or Dies premieres Wednesday, October 12, at 8/7c on MTV.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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