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Who got voted off Survivor tonight? Season 40 cast final 10 revealed

Survivor Ep9 Challenge
Tyson Apostol, Sophie Georgina Clarke, Sarah Lacina, and Kim Spradlin-Wolfe play Immunity Challenge on Survivor Season 40. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Another castaway got voted off Survivor tonight. As shown in the photo above, a difficult Immunity Challenge played into things.

As a reminder, it was Wendell Holland who got voted off Survivor last week. It was another blindside at Tribal Council, with Wendell becoming the latest resident on Extinction Island.

That left just 11 people in the game, all hoping that they have what it takes to finish Season 40 as the Sole Survivor. On Wednesday night, viewers learned which castaways made it all the way to the final 10.

Who got voted off Survivor tonight?

This was a big moment for the Survivor Season 40 cast, as it showcased that they had made it past the halfway point of the entire season.

Kim Spradlin was the person who won the Individual Immunity Challenge, so she was safe, and she added another Fire Token to her collection.

At Tribal Council, host Jeff Probst invited the Koru tribe in, and they got down to answering questions about what the plan was for the evening. It didn’t seem like very many of them were clear on how they wanted to vote.

Would the person who got voted off Survivor tonight end up more or less surprised than the CBS viewers at home?

There was a lot of arguing and drama before they finally got down to the vote, with several people looking like they might end up getting voted out.

In the end, it was Adam Klein who got voted off Survivor, even though there were also votes for Sarah and Nick. That should lead to some more chaos coming up this season.

Survivor Season 40 rolls on

There are now just 10 people in the merged tribe competing for the big bucks. Meanwhile, the people back at Edge of Extinction got some more Fire Tokens to play with after Michele Fitzgerald bought an advantage from them.

The next episode of the show will air on Wednesday, April 15, when Season 40, Episode 10 debuts on CBS. The entire season is getting down to the point where things get extra dramatic, and people start stabbing each other in the back.

What happens next? Make sure to tune in next week for the brand new episode, which looks like a pretty good one based just on the quick preview that CBS revealed tonight.

Survivor: Winners at War airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.