Which of the Waldrop sextuplets couldn’t stay awake? See the sweet video

The Waldrops of Sweet Home Sextuplets
The Waldrops of Sweet Home Sextuplets. Pic credit: TLC

Mom of nine and Sweet Home Sextuplets star Courtney Waldrop shared a funny video of one of the sextuplets struggling to stay awake. On Monday night, she posted a video of Tag sitting on the floor with a pacifier in his mouth, swaying and trying to hold himself upright as he fights off sleep.

The song, In the Still of the Night / Goodnight Sweetheart (Live) by the Van-Dells was playing in the background. Courtney captioned the post, “After posting that video of Rivers falling asleep I remembered I had these of Tag ??? Bless his little bones…I promise I put him to bed after I got the video? Nothing sweeter than a little one dozing off??? #memories #hewassolittle #lovefindingoldvideos #sweettag “

The adorable video comes a day after Courtney shared pics of the sextuplets playing in mud puddles at their brother’s baseball game. She also shared a cute pic of Tag carrying an unexpected item to his brother’s basketball game. And last week, she shared a pic of son Blu, the daredevil, who chose an interesting place to read alone.

It seems the super mom has had plenty to keep her and the kids busy these days. Courtney is fond of sharing her family’s daily ventures on social media.

The family has a Facebook page that helped gain them popularity when Courtney was still pregnant with the sextuplets. The Waldrop family rose to national fame in 2018 when their show, Sweet Home Sextuplets, premiered on TLC.

The Waldrops have two sets of multiples

At the time, Courtney and Eric were expecting six babies, in addition to the three children they already had, which included one set of twins. Brother Saylor and twin brothers Wales and Bridge all become big brothers when their younger siblings were born: Tag, Rivers, Rawlings, Blu, Layke, and Rayne.

The Waldrop family, who live in Albertsville, Alabama, live on 40 acres, 20 of which are a working sheep farm. Dad Eric runs a landscaping business and mom Courtney is a retired school teacher who now stays home to raise their nine children.

The Waldrop sextuplets consist of three boys, and three girls. Their genders were revealed in a ceremony that was televised for their show, in front of about 150 guests.

The odds of having sextuplets is one in five million

Courtney was placed on bed rest at 24 weeks along in her pregnancy and the sextuplets were born prematurely at 30 weeks gestation. Parents Courtney and Eric explained that the chances of having sextuplets is one in five million.

The sweet family shares their lives with viewers on Sweet Home Sextuplets as well as through social media.

Sweet Home Sextuplets is currently on hiatus.

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