Tag Waldrop of Sweet Home Sextuplets brings something unexpected to his brother’s basketball game

Tag Waldrop from Sweet Home Sextuplets
Tag Waldrop, one of the Sweet Home Sextuplets. Pic credit: God’s Divine Nine/YouTube

Courtney Waldrop shared a cute pic of son Tag headed to one of his brothers’ basketball games on Saturday.

In the pic, Tag is seen carrying a Halloween candy carrier. The orange Jack-O-Lantern is hanging from his left arm and he is seen confidently carrying it while holding one of his older brothers’ hands.

A group of his siblings can be seen walking ahead of Tag, who seems to be oblivious to being behind everyone else, and just happy to be carrying his Halloween bucket.

Courtney shares sweet moment on social media

Courtney captioned the cute pic, “It’s not Halloween? but when you walk through the garage and see your Halloween bucket you better grab it just in case someone is handing out candy at your brothers basketball game? And if you’re like Tag it’s perfect for stuffing a whole lot junk in….you should see what he pulled out of it when we got seated??? #boys #brothers #basketballgames #memories #thesearethedays #ourlife.”

Tag is one of the Waldrop family sextuplets.

The cute post of Tag follows Courtney’s post a day prior, showcasing daredevil brother Blu and an adorable post on Friday showing the sextuplets playing in a makeshift “beach” in their yard.

Tag was the fifth of six babies to be born simultaneously.

Fans were introduced to the mega-sized family in 2018

The Waldrop’s first caught national attention when they were featured on TLC in 2018 for the premiere of their show, Sweet Home Sextuplets. Cameras followed the family as they prepared to welcome six more babies into their family of five.

Courtney and Eric had a Facebook page they were using to share their story before they made it to TV. The family still uses their Facebook page to update followers on family events. Courtney loves to share her family’s day-to-day adventures on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Courtney was placed on strict bedrest and the babies arrived ten weeks prematurely in December 2017, earning them a stay in the NICU. Miraculously, all six of the babies escaped any medical issues, and are now all thriving three-year-olds.

Courtney is a former school teacher and her husband, Eric runs the family’s landscaping business. They live on 40 acres in Albertville, Alabama, where they have a 20-acre sheep farm.

Courtney and Eric are also parents to another set of multiples among their nine total children. Son Saylor is their oldest child, followed by twin brothers Wales and Bridge, and the sextuplets, Layke, Blu, Tag, Rivers, Rawlings, and Rayne. 

Sweet Home Sextuplets is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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