Sweet Home Sextuplets play outside in a makeshift ‘beach’

Eric and Courtney Waldrop of Sweet Home Sextuplets
Eric and Courtney Waldrop of Sweet Home Sextuplets. Pic credit: TLC

Courtney Waldrop posted a series of eight sweet pics of the sextuplets to her Instagram account on Thursday.

The sextuplets are shown playing in the sand with dump trucks and shovels.

But they weren’t at the beach — they were in their own backyard.

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They were playing in the sand that construction workers use to mix with brick and mortar for their home renovations.

Courtney captioned the post, “We’re not at the beach (wished we were??) but we’re playing outside in the sand that the workers are using to mix with the brick mortar?…..we’ll take it any way we can get it? Pretty weather, sand, bare feet…what more could we ask for??☀️?? #sunshine#warmth#sunshinedontgoaway#memories#ourlife.”

The mom of nine has to be resourceful to find unique ways to keep so many kids entertained at once

As Courtney said, the Waldrops weren’t at the beach, but they wished they were.

The sextuplets were dressed in matching outfits in several of the pics, wearing light blue shirts with red and white plaid pants. Courtney often dresses the sextuplets in matching attire.

The Waldrop six are always looking for ways to entertain the large group. Playing in sand right outside their front door was a fun, free way to spend time in the mild weather.

The Waldrop family lives in Albertville, Alabama on 40 acres. They operate a working sheep farm on 20 of those acres.

Courtney and Eric have a total of nine kids: Saylor, twins Wales and Bridge, and sextuplets Tag, Blu, Layke, Rivers, Rawlings, and Rayne.

The two met while still teenagers in middle school and have been together now for 25 years.

The Waldrops rose to fame in 2018 when their show, Sweet Home Sextuplets, premiered on TLC

The couple used low-dose fertility treatments to conceive the sextuplets after Courtney suffered multiple miscarriages. They wanted to add one more child to their family, but surprisingly ended up with six babies.

Courtney went on strict bed rest at 24 weeks along in her pregnancy. She gave birth to the sextuplets on December 13, 2017.

The six babies were 10 weeks premature and spent time in the NICU before they were able to come home.

Huntsville Hospital, where the sextuplets were born, had never delivered six babies at once. They regularly practiced strict, choreographed drills to ensure they were prepared for such a feat.

The odds of giving birth to sextuplets are 5,584,059,449 to 1.

Eric owns and runs a landscaping company and Courtney is a former school teacher. Courtney frequently shares fun updates about the “babies,” as she calls them, on social media.

Sweet Home Sextuplets is currently on hiatus.

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