Which MAFS spouse admits to spending the night with an ex? Fans weigh in

MAFS Season 13 couples gather around a table.
Which MAFS Season 13 spouse is going to come clean tonight? Pic credit: Lifetime

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the biggest cheater of them all?

Apparently, we will find out tonight as the Married at First Sight Lifetime official Instagram dropped a bombshell of a post on their page today.

They revealed one of the Season 13 spouses admits to spending the night with an ex and provided pictures of a few of the options. But who will it be? Fans have a few guesses.

MAFS fans think Ryan might be the one to have had an ‘ex-rated’ sleepover

Can a serial dater be reformed? Fans say no, as they feel Ryan Ignasiak is bound to be the spouse who reveals a recent rendevous with an ex.

It is suspicious as Ryan took a little break from staying at the couple’s shared apartment, claiming he was going home for a “reset” and coming back completely different and even less interested than before.

There’s also the conversation that Brett had with Ryan’s sister one on one, where Alexa revealed that she felt Ryan was “distracted.” She pointed out that things on the honeymoon had been perfect and the change had occurred when they returned to Houston.

Alexa added she felt it was odd timing and Brett agreed. Alexa hinted at the fact that Ryan may have started talking to an ex or had some other obstacle in his way of being fully committed to Brett.

While Brett did address it with Ryan, he quickly became defensive and called the conversation ridiculous. But fans couldn’t quite get past it, or Ryan’s nights away.

MAFS fans accuse Ryan of being the one getting with an ex.
Pic credit: @thekingthreat/Instagram

The trailer had also revealed that Brett had received a text message from a friend, dropping the bomb that Ryan was still active on dating apps. Could it be possible he is dipping his toes in more than one infidelity pool?

Between viewers feeling like Ryan’s serial dating past was a red flag, Brett’s conversation with Alexa, and the dating app scandal, it does seem Ryan is a likely suspect. But he’s not the only suspect as fans pointed out on the original post.

Other MAFS fans point the finger at Rachel

Once a cheater always a cheater?

Apparently so in these fans’ opinion’s because some of them are pointing the finger straight at Rachel Gordillo. And while we don’t want to jump to any conclusions, the fans do bring up a good point, that it was never actually revealed where Rachel spent the night after Jose locked her out of the apartment. That might not be a good sign.

Rachel also has a history of cheating. While she claims it was just one time in one relationship, with Jose’s jealousy issues, could Rachel have been minimizing or holding back the truth?

And fans keep coming back to that resounding unanswered question of: where did Rachel stay the night she was locked out?

MAFS fans think Rachel may have stayed with an ex.
Pic credit: @zonediggity90/Instagram

There are definitely some shady dealings going on with the Married at Frist Sight Season 13 couples. But who is the shadiest of them all?

We find out tonight!

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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