MAFS teaser reveals Ryan is still on dating apps and might be seeing someone else

MAFS Ryan looks upset.
MAFS Ryan is struggling in his marriage. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight’s Ryan Ignoziak has checked out.

The Season 13 groom seems like he would rather be anywhere but there, in a marriage, on a reality show, in a shared apartment. We got the memo, Ryan, you’re not a happy camper. It seems the only person who might not know is his wife, Brett as the two have rarely spoken the entire season.

But it seems that is all about to change as the new trailer reveals, Brett finds out a secret.

Is Ryan seeing someone else?

In a snippet from this week’s upcoming episode, we get a preview of a tense conversation between Brett and Ryan where Brett reveals she received a disturbing text message from a friend.

Brett tells Ryan that she got a text from a friend that told her that Ryan was active on a dating app and that he had even matched with a friend of hers. His response is less than thrilled. He doesn’t seem to deny it and instead, is shown storming out of the apartment. That’s not an answer, Ryan.

It brings to mind the conversation Brett recently had with Ryan’s sister, Alexa. Alexa told Brett that she felt like Ryan’s attention was elsewhere, and he seemed distracted. She seemed to be implying that Ryan might have reconnected with an ex, as it lined up with the couple’s return to Houston from their honeymoon, where everything had been great.

While it seemed Alexa thought Ryan might have reconnected with an ex, it hadn’t even crossed anyone’s mind that Ryan might have, in fact, resurrected his serial dater past and struck up something brand new.

It also makes us think of something Brett had expressed to the other couples. While talking about how some of the other spouses seemed to be struggling with their marriages, Brett said she felt it came down to one thing that “some think of it as a real marriage and some don’t.” Wise words.

So is Ryan back on the dating apps? It’s not looking good.

Ryan isn’t the only MAFS husband to catch a wandering eye

While Ryan might be the first husband of Season 13 to stray, he is certainly not the first in MAFS history to do so. As Brett pointed out, some go into the marriages like they are a suggestion, while others take them seriously.

Some of the previous seasons’ bad boys who did not take it seriously include Matt Gwynne of Season 9, who was caught red-handed having an ongoing relationship with another woman (or two) that had started shortly after marrying his MAFS wife Amber Bowles.

Also Zach Justice of Season 10, who struck up a relationship with his MAFS wife Mindy Shiben’s best friend, who he met on their wedding day. Classy.

So while Ryan might the only one we know of who has caught a case of wandering eye this season, he is certainly not the first of the MAFS grooms to have done so.

But all are innocent until proven guilty right? So perhaps this week’s episode will actually clear Ryan’s name. Crazier things have happened.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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