Where is Mama June and why is she not appearing on From Not To Hot?

Where is Mama June and why is she not appearing on From Not To Hot?
Mama June and Geno are missing this season on From Not to Hot. Pic credit: ©mamajune/Instagram

This season of Mama June: From Not to Hot is titled Family Crisis. This is because Mama June is gone, abandoning her children, and they are trying to make it without her.

However, why did Mama June leave and where is she now?

Why is Mama June not on this season

Mama June and her boyfriend Geno Doak have not been able to keep out of trouble over the last year.

They have been arrested, and Geno seems to have some gambling issues.

When her family tried to stage an intervention, Mama June fled, and since then, her daughters almost never hear from her.

Both Pumpkin and Alana (Honey Boo Boo) have said that they need their mother back in their lives, but Pumpkin indicated on the new season that she only hears from June Shannon randomly.

That was shown in the most recent episode where June called her daughters, and after a few lies about where she was, Jennifer ruined everything by yelling across the room for June to come home to her kids.

Mama June hung up, and the kids are still without their mother.

With all her financial problems, causing her to sell her rings and start to sell Cameo videos to her fans, the fact that Mama June is not on this season of From Not to Hot has to sting.

The network didn’t pay her because she was not around to film, costing her a lot of money.

Where is Mama June now?

The big question is, where is Mama June at now?

The new season has her sister Doe Doe searching for June Shannon to try to bring her back home.

According to TMZ, Mama June is living at a casino with Geno, but this is just her latest stop on this crazy road trip with her troublesome boyfriend.

The Sun reports that Mama June and Geno were kicked out of their hotel for trashing it. That incident was at FairBridge Inn & Suites in south Atlanta. Over $1,000 worth of damages and started glass laid in their wake.

Just days later, they were kicked out of another hotel for not being able to pay their bill of $2,000.

That was the Residence Inn Marriott in McDonough, GA, which was a second hotel room she was renting out for herself, Geno, and some of their friends.

When they left, Mama June Shannon said they would just find another hotel down the street. That is when she chose to pawn off her ring.

In the most recent episode, Doe Doe was looking for Mama June in Alabama.

Mama June: From Not to Hot airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WEtv.

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