Where are Samantha and Neil from Married at First Sight Season 3 now?

Samantha and Neil stare intently at each other on the Decision Day couch
Neil shocks Samantha with his final decision on Decision Day Pic credit: Lifetime

On the first two seasons of Married at First Sight, most couples were on the same page about whether they would stay married or get a divorce by the time Decision Day came. 

However, Season 3 showed two couples who would provide different answers when it came time to make that life-changing choice. 

Among the large array of fears people have when they sign up for this daring experiment, one of the more common concerns is that they will fall in love with their spouse and their spouse won’t love them back. It’s a fear Clara Oubre from MAFS Season 12 expressed to Ryan on their wedding day but, luckily for them, their relationship worked out and they’re even planning a vow renewal

MAFS Season 3 stars, Samantha and Neil, weren’t so lucky. For Samantha, the fear of “falling for someone who hasn’t fallen for you” came true and absolutely devastated her on Decision Day. 

The tables turn in Samantha and Neil’s relationship

Samantha and Neil were both quirky people. Despite having that in common, Samantha was turned off by Neil at the beginning and would pick on his eccentric traits in a way that could certainly be interpreted as mean-spirited. 

They each had a unique sense of humor that the other didn’t always understand. At one point in the marriage, Samantha kicked Neil out over misunderstanding a joke he had made. 

Samantha felt strongly that she and Neil just didn’t click, even with Neil trying to stay positive and put in effort towards their marriage. 

The trajectory of their marriage took a turn for the better after Samantha kicked Neil out. She realized that she actually missed him when he was away and she slowly but surely started to put more effort into building a connection with him. 

Over time, Samantha admitted to developing a crush on Neil and then that crush blossomed into genuine feelings for him. His patience and humor won her over and she expressed that she realized Neil is a really good person. 

However, her realization came a little too late. Samantha told Neil she wanted to stay married on Decision Day, but after a lot of thought, Neil wasn’t able to get over her poor treatment towards him in the first few weeks of their marriage.

Neil came to the conclusion that he wanted a divorce. Upon hearing that, Samantha had one of the more notable Decision Day reactions, becoming emotional and storming off the couch. 

Before the season ended, the two later met up and had a calmer chat, deciding to apologize to one another and remain friends. 

Where are Samantha and Neil now? 

Samantha and Neil stuck to their agreement to remain friends. The two continued to keep in touch and still follow each other on Instagram.

In fact, Samantha made a birthday post for Neil calling him, “the best was-band, friend, and person I know.” 

Neil isn’t the only MAFS cast member Samantha remains in touch with. She also befriended Amber Bowles from MAFS Season 9, whose marriage on the show also resulted in divorce but had a far less amicable ending than Samantha and Neil. 

The biggest change in Samantha’s life is that she is currently a wife and mother. She found love with a new husband and then became pregnant, giving birth to their sweet baby girl, Isabella. 

Her daughter is now 2-years-old and Samantha enjoys being an energetic mother, describing herself as a “crazy mom” in her bio. 

Meanwhile, Neil doesn’t appear to be in a new relationship but he has maintained his friendships with his Season 3 costars. Throughout the years, Neil and MAFS Season 3 alum, Tres Russell, have posted photos of their get-togethers and trips to sporting events.

Neil continues to embrace his unique personality and humor and enjoys fitness, being outdoors, and running marathons. 

When signing up for Married at First Sight, the ideal goal is to find a lasting marriage, but Samantha and Neil appear to have found the next best thing which is a genuine friendship with one another. 

Married at First Sight returns on Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime 

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