Where are Mia and Tristan from Married at First Sight Season 7 now?

Mia and Tristan hold hands and smile in the kitchen
Mia and Tristan hold onto hope during their bumpy marriage. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight will be heading to Houston, Texas this summer and hopefully the Season 13 cast will have more luck in their marriages than when MAFS last came to Texas in Season 7. 

Taking place in Dallas, the MAFS Season 7 couple with the most surprising curveball was Mia and Tristan. 

Marrying a stranger means there is a lot for new spouses to learn about each other, and an unexpected turn of events led Tristan to quickly learn about a major stain on Mia’s past. 

Tristan and Mia navigate Mia’s arrest

On their wedding day, both Tristan and Mia immediately voiced their attraction to each other at the altar. They appeared to have a lot in common, including their love for the Cowboys. 

While the couple started off strong and were clearly into each other, they were thrown for a loop when they tried to travel to their honeymoon and Mia ended up detained and arrested at the airport. 

Tristan was away from his wife for a large amount of time while she sorted out her arrest. 

During their time apart, MAFS producers informed Tristan that they had done a thorough background check on Mia but this warrant was apparently filed one day after they conducted the background check. The news came as an absolute shock to everyone involved. 

The producers allowed Tristan to read through the warrant and he learned that Mia had a warrant out for three counts of stalking and one for credit card fraud. 

After some consideration, Tristan decided to overlook Mia’s storied past and, once Mia was released, the two agreed to keep working on their marriage. Mia, who admitted to having a heightened sense of paranoia since the arrest, considered Tristan her rock during such a difficult and exposing time. 

Throughout the experiment the two got into multiple arguments over their different communication styles and both walked out/kicked each other out at various times in the marriage. 

The two would always reconvene after their fights and attempt to get on the same page. Over time they started to develop even stronger feelings for one another and both shared “I love you’s”. 

On Decision Day, Mia and Tristan both said yes and agreed to stay married. However, by the time they gave an update on their marriage status the two had divorced, with both having contradicting stories of who first asked for a divorce since they both believed they were the one to initiate the divorce. 

Where are Mia and Tristan now? 

Tristan’s life has changed a lot since being on MAFS. He met and fell in love with a new woman who he posts about often, commending his significant other for being by his side and calling her “the one”.

The couple got married amidst the pandemic and still managed to have a beautiful wedding day.

Now, Tristan’s family has grown even more when his wife became pregnant. 

The brand new parents welcomed their adorable son, Phoenix Zane Thompson, in March 2021 and Tristan considers his precious baby to be his pride and joy. 

Meanwhile, Mia recently received some vindication in regards to the ex associated with her reported stalking claims. The ex in question, Jared Evans, was arrested for alleged domestic abuse against another woman in 2020. 

Mia built up the courage to come forward and speak about the abuse she received from Jared before joining MAFS. She suggested that he accused her of stalking as an act of retaliation and to punish her for leaving him and trying to find love on Married at First Sight. 

She described her ex as an “abusive monster” and felt scared for her life while with Jared. 

Now, Mia is outspoken about domestic abuse and passionate about using her platform to bring more awareness to this important and often hidden issue. She dedicates her time to helping survivors of abuse, particularly through her involvement in a charity called Genesis Women’s Shelter.  

When Mia was on MAFS, she says she was too ashamed and fearful to admit her truth, but now she’s a proud survivor and no longer ashamed of her past and instead uses it as fuel to make change.  

If you or someone you know needs support, find resources from the National Network to End Domestic Violence at or talk to a National Domestic Violence Hotline advocate 24/7 at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or

Married at First Sight returns Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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